Things to Do After Beating Destiny 2 Beyond Light

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After you make your way through the expansion campaign in Destiny 2 Beyond Light there are a few activities to take part in during the end-game. These activities range from simple quests to more advanced exotic activities. To help you see what is available in the expansion’s end-game check out our list of things to do after beating Destiny 2 Beyond Light below.

Complete Variks and Exo Stranger’s Quests

Once you complete the main story of Destiny 2 Beyond Light you will unlock a few quests that can be completed for the new NPCs. These quests come from both Variks and the Exo Stranger. Both characters have questlines you can complete once the main story is done. To start the Variks quests speak to Zavala on the Tower. To start the Exo Stranger quests speak to her on Europa. The quests they offer are as follows:

Variks Quests

  • Reclaiming Europa.
  • Empire’s Fall.
  • The Dark Priestess.

Exo Stranger’s Quests

Of these missions you will want to at least complete the Reclaiming Europa mission for Variks as this unlocks the ability to replay Empire Hunts. The other missions listed are not as important, but they do become available when you advance through end-game.

Complete The Stasis Prototype Exotic Quest

There is a special exotic called The Stasis Prototype that is accessible upon completing the expansion campaign. This exotic quest comes from The Drifter at the Tower. When you have the quest available speak to The Drifter to unlock it. This quest has a total of 7 steps to complete to get the Salvation’s Grip grenade launcher. If you need help with this quest check out our guide.

Hit the Hard Power Cap of 1260

As is always the case in new Destiny 2 content you will not reach max power from the campaign alone. In the end-game you will spend your time chasing the soft and hard power caps. Now, thanks to Destiny 2: Beyond Light the soft cap is at 1200 and the hard cap is at 1260. There is a lot of nuance to leveling up properly so I won’t delve into it here, but will instead point you to a good guide on the topic made by the folks at The only reason I bring this up in this post is that there are a few activities on Europa you can take part in as you near the soft and hard caps:

A lot of these activies are soft cap and above so you will need to level up your Guardian if you wish to take part in them on Europa.

Wait For Seasonal Content to Drop

If you’ve done everything on the list above you’ve basically completed endgame in Destiny 2: Beyond Light for now. With that said there is a slew of new content coming over the course of the Season of the Hunt. This content drops weekly and includes things like new story missions, a new raid, new events, and more. The picture above shows you the schedule Bungie has laid out for the upcoming content.

This post is not an exhaustive list of end-game activities in Destiny 2: Beyond Light, but should be consulted if you want a direction to head. As always I’m looking forward to hearing what you are doing in the end-game. Let me hear the activities you are completing in the comments below.

Thoughts on our things to do after beating Destiny 2 Beyond Light guide? Drop them in the comments below.



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