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After you complete the main campaign of Destiny 2 Beyond Light you can speak to The Drifter on the Tower to get an exotic quest called The Stasis Prototype. This exotic quest unlocks the Salvation’s Grip grenade launcher which deals Stasis damage (ice). The exotic quest to get this weapon involves finding and heisting the weapon. To help you complete this exotic mission use our The Stasis Prototype guide below.

How to Start the Stasis Prototype

Starting this exotic mission is fairly straightforward. All you need to do is complete the campaign of Beyond Light then head to the Tower. On the Tower make your way to the The Drifter and speak to him. He will offer you the Stasis Prototype exotic quest. Accept the quest to add it to your list. All in this quest has a total of 7 steps you need to complete:

  1. 10 Fallen Captains; 10 Servitors defeated.
  2. Complete an Empire Hunt.
  3. Eliminate 100 Combatants with, or Affected By, Your Stasis Ability.
  4. Skiff Codes Acquired.
  5. Return to The Drifter.
  6. Complete mission Stealing Stasis.
  7. Drifter Visited.

When you complete all of the above listed steps you will receive the Salvation’s Grip grenade launcher as your reward. This quest-line takes a bit of time and may not be worth it to you if you don’t want another Power Weapon. Think about that before proceeding into the guide below.

Where to find 10 Fallen Captains (1/7)

Image showing a Fallen Captain in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

The first step in this exotic quest requires collecting information about the weapon from killing certain enemy types. One type of enemy you need to kill is 10 Fallen Captains. Fallen Captains are the Fallen enemies that are tall, lanky, and teleport around while you are fighting them. They often carry a launcher or sword as their primary weapon.

To find Fallen Captains you can look in the open world of Europa for them as random spawns in areas where the Fallen appear. This method works fairly well. With that said you can find them fairly regularly inside the Brey Exoscience building in Cadmus Ridge so I recommend running that building until you have 10 killed.

Where to find 10 Servitors (2/7)

Image showing the Servitor enemy in Destiny 2.

The second set enemy you will need to defeat 10 of is Servitors. Servitors are the round orbs Fallen enemies that often provide shielding to other enemies around them. There are a number of ways to find these enemies but I will suggest a couple of simple ones.

The first method is to complete the the Servitor Ether Resupply Public Event in Eventide Ruins. This event features a number of Servitor enemies making reaching ten fairly simple. This method comes down to luck as this Public Event doesn’t always spawn regularly.

The second method I will also suggest is to find Servitors on Europa. There area number of areas these enemies spawn in. One spot to watch for these enemies around the Bray Exoscience entrance in Cadmus Ridge. There are usual multiple spawns here to fight.

Complete an Empire Hunt (3/7)

Image showing the Empire Hunt selection screen in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Note: After you complete the Reclaiming Europa end-game mission Empire Hunts become available to replay on the second tab when you speak to Variks. Each hunt costs 20 Herealways to replay.

The next step in the exotic quest is to complete an Empire Hunt. Go to Variks and speak to him. Purchase whichever Empire Hunt you wish to replay from him and complete it to complete this objective.

Eliminate 100 Combatants with, or Affected By, Your Stasis Ability (4/7)

This quest step is fairly straightforward. Use your Stasis abilities to kill 100 enemies. The easiest way of doing this is to take part in activities where there are large clusters of enemy spawns since Stasis abilities have a wide area of effect. Things like Public Events, Strikes, and even the Spire Integration story mission are all great ways of finding large spawn clusters of enemies in close proximity to each other. To maximize effectiveness be sure you use your abilities on targets that have other enemies around them.

Skiff Codes Acquired (5/7)

Asterion Abyss Lost Sector entrance location.

The next objective is to complete the Concealed Void Lost Sector in the Asterion Abyss on Europa (see exact Europa Lost Sectors locations guide if needed). This Lost Sector has a power level of 1210 so you will sufficiently geared up when you enter it.

Spider’s Associate Location

Image showing the Spider's Associate location in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

To find the associate The Drifter wants you to meet simply make your way to the end of the Concealed Void Lost Sector. Beat the boss there then wait for the barrier behind the cache to lower. On the other side of the barrier next to a terminal is the associate. Interact with the npc to get the Skiff Codes.

Return to The Drifter (6/7)

Leave Europa and head back to the Tower. Meet up with The Drifter and talk to him. The Drifter has an item for you called the Stasis Containment Device. Acquire the item to complete this step.

Complete Mission Stealing Stasis (7/7)

Image showing how to steal the Stasis in Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

Once you have the Stasis Containment Device from The Drifter you will unlock a new mission on Europa called Stealing Stasis. This mission can be started outside the room Varikas can be found. When you are ready to go interact with the flag to start the Stealing Stasis mission. Follow the quest objectives and quest markers to steal the Salvation’s Grip grenade launcher. Complete the mission to complete this step.

Return to The Drifter

Head back to The Drifter on the Tower to put a bow on this exotic quest. The Salvation’s Grip will now be in your inventory under the Power Weapons. Enjoy using this rather weak weapon.

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