Europa Lost Sectors – Destiny 2 Beyond Light Guide

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In the new planet of Europa from Destiny 2: Beyond Light there are new activities and lost sectors for players to explore. On the planet there are three Lost Sectors players can complete to earn rewards. To help you find the Europa Lost Sectors we’ve put together a short guide. Check it out below.

Europa Lost Sectors Map

Image showing a map of the Europa Lost Sector locations.

The three Europa Lost Sectors can be found in three different named areas on the planet. Like other Lost Sectors in Destiny 2 you will need the proper entrance so you can access the area. I’ve marked the locations of each entrance on the map above. The corresponding Lost Sectors are:

  1. Cadmus Ridge: Perdition Lost Sector.
  2. Asterion Abyss: Concealed Void Lost Sector.
  3. Eventide Ruins: Bunker E15 Lost Sector.

Each of the Lost Sectors listed above contains a boss at the end of it that you need to kill inorder to access the cache. Inside the cache you will find your reward for completing the Lost Sector activity.

Cadmus Ridge: Perdition Lost Sector

Power Level: 1210.

The location of the Cadmus Ridge Perdition Lost Sector is fairly straightforward. If you go to the Lost Sector mark on your map you should see the same icon on some ice. Next to this icon there is an opening. Go through the opening to reach the Perdition Lost Sector.

Asterion Abyss: Concealed Void Lost Sector

image showing the Asterion Abyss: Concealed Void Lost Sector entrance.

Power Level: 1210.

In the Asterion Abyss you will find the entrance to the Concealed Void Lost Sector in the large ice tunnel beneath where you see the image on your map. Drop into the large ice tunnel and look for the opening shown on the picture above to reach this area’s Lost Sector.

Eventide Ruins: Bunker E15 Lost Sector

Image showing the Eventide Ruins: Bunker E15 Lost Sector entrance.

Power Level: 1210.

The final Lost Sector on Europa can be found inside the Eventide Ruins. Make your way into the ground level section of the old building. On the back wall you should see the opening shown above. Jump up to it then drop down the hole into the Bunker E15 Lost Sector.

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