How to Unlock Legend and Master Lost Sectors in Destiny 2

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A new introduction to Destiny 2 Beyond Light features new Legend and Master difficulty Lost Sectors for players to complete. These two new difficulties are both more difficult and more rewarding. Before you can play these new difficulties you need to first unlock them. To learn how to unlock Legend and Master Lost Sectors check out our guide below.

Note: Need to be above 1200 Power to try these new difficulties.

Complete the Normal Version of the Lost Sector

Before you can play the harder difficulty of the Lost Sectors you need to first clear the normal version of it. As there is one alternating Legend and Master Lost Sector available during each day you will most likely need to clear all three Lost Sectors on Europa to get both flags to appear in your game. See Europa Lost Sectors guide.

Be Above 1200 Power

Once you’ve beaten the Normal Versions of the Lost Sectors you will have two flags on your map for the Legend and Master variants of the Lost Sectors. These Lost Sectors can be challenged only if you are above 1200 Power. If you switch to below 1200 Power they will disappear from your map and the flags will as well. If you attempt to enter and change gear you can’t as your equipment is locked during the challenge.

Farming both of these difficulties is a good way of earning Exotics for your Guardian. With that said this is difficult content that requires a solid build and some skill to complete. Try pushing your power level up to make these more manageable. You can also try practising these as a fireteam to learn the layout for you solo challenge.

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