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There are a number of side missions for players to complete in Destiny 2: Beyond Light. These side quests reward players with different bonuses including ways to customize the Stasis sub-class. One side mission that will help you unlock a Stasis Aspect is given to you by the Exo Stranger upon completion of the first step of the Born in Darkness quest-line you start in the endgame. To learn how to complete the Aspects of Control mission consult our guide below.

Collect 5 Entropic Shards

The first step in this quest-line is to destroy 5 Entropic Shards hidden throughout Europa. In total there are 9 of these shards in various locations (with the Studying Darkness Triumph being tied to destroying them all). To advance this quest you only need to destroy 5. Before you jump into finding them all it is important to note you need to have the Salvation’s Grip exotic before you can complete this step as you need to use that weapon to destroy the shards. The 5 shards I recommend you pursue are:

Entropic Shard 1: Vex Structure (Asterion Abyss)

Image showing the location of the Asterion Abyss Entropic Shard.

This Entropic Shard can be found in the Asterion Abyss area of Europa. Make your way to the large vex structure in the center of the area and climb the northwest end of it. The shard is there next to some ice.

Entropic Shard 2: Concealed Void Lost Sector (Asterion Abyss)

Image showing the Concealed Void Lost Sector Entropic Shard Location.

Make your way to the end of the Concealed Void Lost Sector in Asterion Abyss so you reach the boss room. Inside this room in the center there is a bright light shining down through a hole in the ceiling. Look up into the light to find this Entropic Shard.

Entropic Shard 3: Ruined Building Exterior (Eventide Ruins)

Image showing the Entropic Shard 3: Eventide Ruins location.

You will find this Entropic Shard in the southwest corner of the Eventide Ruins. Look for the large rubble of the building and you will find it underneath a destroyed set of pipes and a catwalk. Can be seen from off the main path running from Asterion Abyss into Eventide Ruins.

Entropic Shard 4: Bunker E15 Lost Sector (Eventide Ruins)

Image showing the Entropic Shard 2: Bunker E15 Lost Sector (Eventide Ruins).

Make your way into the Bunker 15 Lost Sector in Eventide Ruins. Head through the Lost Sector until you reach the first large open room. Look up for so you are facing the large glass window above. On the right corner of the window is the Entropic Shard.

Entropic Shard 5: Underneath Stairs (RIIS Reborn Approach)

Image showing the RIIS Reborn Approach shard location in Destiny 2.

Go through RIIS Reborn Approach until you reach the room you enter after riding the second gravitational lift up. In this room go behind the stairs and you will find the Entropic Shard underneath them.

Again as I mentioned above there are a total of 9 shards so you can check out our complete Entropic Shard guide here if you wish to grab the others. The reason I suggest the ones above is that they are all in the general vicinity of each other making them fairly quick to get. Once you do destroy all 5 listed above you will get a new quest step to commune with the Crux of Darkness.

Visit the Crux of Darkness

The next quest step is fairly simple to complete but does require a fair bit of combat. To complete this step make your way to the Crux of Darkness inside Riis-Reborn Approach (room you got Slavation’s Grip from). In this room approach the Crux and interact with it. When you interact with the Crux you will trigger enemies to spawn in. You will need to defeat them all (three champions) before you can commune with the Crux of Darkness. Once the enemies are cleared out commune with the crux to receive Shatterdive – Stasis Aspect. Equipping Shatterdive allows you to slam to the ground shattering enemies.

Once you’ve complete the Crux of Darkness quest step head back to the Exo Stranger at the campsite. Speak to them to complete the mission. Once you’ve completed the Aspects of Control quest you will unlock the ability to claim two Stasis Aspect quests from the NPC. Completing these quests will unlock further Stasis Aspects you can equip to alter the class.

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