How to Replay Empire Hunts in Destiny 2 Beyond Light

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Destiny 2: Beyond Light introduced a few new NPCs and activities as an expansion to the base game. One of the new NPCs introduced was Variks the Loyal. This NPC provides guardians with a number of services including access to the new Empire Hunt missions. You will play these missions during the main campaign, but will appear to lose access to them. This not the case. To learn how to replay Empire Hunts in Destiny 2 Beyond Light consult our guide below.

Complete Campaign and End-Game Mission Reclaiming Europa

Before you can jump back into the Empire Hunts you need to complete the main story of Destiny 2: Beyond Light. Once the story is complete you will enter end-game where there are a number of missions that unlock. The mission you need to complete in the end-game is given to you by Zavala on the Tower. This mission is called Reclaiming Europa and it is multiple steps. Once you’ve completed this mission you will will unlock Empire Hunts.

Where are Empire Hunts

With the Reclaiming Europa mission complete make your way to Variks. Speak to him and inventory screen will pop up. Tab right to access a second inventory screen that holds the Empire Hunts. From this screen you can purchase a hunt to replay for 20 Herealways Pieces. There are three hunts currently available and they are all from the story:

  • Phylaks, the Warrior.
  • Kridis, the Dark Priestess.
  • Praksis, the Technocrat.

If you replay any of the missions above you will need to replay them completely. This means doing all of the run up to the actual mission itself. When you replay a mission activate it so you know how to start. All Empire Hunts in the end-game have a 1200 power level recommendation.

That’s all you need to know to replay Empire Hunts. The process itself if simple but Bungie has opted to hide it away for some odd reason. Now that you know the drill get out their and start killing some bosses.

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