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In The Division 2 there are special missions called Classified Assignments that were included in the Year 1 Pass. These Classified Assignments take place across a number of locales in Washington D.C. and feature a slew of collectibles for players to find. Like other levels you’ve played these collectibles come in multiple forms including recordings and Backpack Trophies. To help you find theses collectibles here’s our all Classified Assignments collectibles guide.

Classified Assignments Collectibles Locations Guides

Image showing some of the Classified Assignments in The Division 2.

There are a total of eight Classified Assignments for players to complete in The Division 2. These assignments are marked on your map with blue targets. When you get near one of these missions you need to discover the entrance to it. Once the entrance is found you can inspect it to see what collectibles are in each mission. For help finding all the collectibles in these missions use the mission specific guides below:

  1. Aquarium Civilian Rescue.
  2. NSA Security Alert.
  3. Detention Center Rescue.
  4. Embassy Crash Site.
  5. Marina Supply Route.
  6. National Bond Armory.
  7. Nelson Theatre Hostages.
  8. Nightclub Infiltration.

These are all the currently available Classified Assignments in The Division 2. Within each level you will find a mix of audio recordings and Backpack Trophies. Be sure you grab each collectible before leaving the level or you will need to wait for a refresh on the levels.

This concludes our All Classified Assignments Collectibles list. Use the above guides to find each and every collectible in the Classified Assignments in The Division 2.

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  1. Thomas says:

    The levels within these missions remain connected. You can always go back to an earlier level as long as you haven’t left the mission.

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