The Division 2: Aquarium Civilian Rescue Collectibles Guide

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In The Division 2 there are Classified Assignments players can complete to earn loot, XP, and new Backpack Trophies. These missions are scattered across the map and feature self-contained levels to complete. One of the Classified Assignments found in the Downtown East area is called the Aquarium Civilian Rescue. Use our Aquarium Civilian Rescue Collectibles Guide below to find all the collectibles in this Classified Assignment.

Aquarium Civilian Rescue Collectibles List

Image showing the Sushi Backpack Trophy in The Division 2.

While completing this Classified Assignment you want to look for collectibles in this level. The collectibles in this assignment are as follows:

  • 4x Collectibles:
    • Tough Calls.
    • Pools.
    • Fish Fry.
    • Options.
  • 1x Sushi Backpack Trophy.

Each collectible you find listed above will earn you XP. This can be a useful way to easily earn some XP while out on this mission.

Aquarium Civilian Rescue Collectibles Locations Video Guide

As mentioned above there are a total of 5 collectibles in this Classified Assignment. These collectibles are scattered throughout the level and need must be interacted with in order to collect. To help you find the locations of all the collectibles check out the video by GCROCK above. If you don’t want to watch the video above use the brief description of each collectible location in the list below.

Aquarium Civilian Rescue Collectibles Text Guide

  • Tough Calls (Collectible 1): Go down the elevator to the second floor and look for this collectible on a bench to your left as you get off. Near the Behind the Scenes sign. From there go into the lab area down the stairs and enter the first lab. Walk over so you can see into the next lab and shoot the lock off the door so you can access Collectible 2 later.
  • Pools (Collectible 2): As you head towards the civilians you will gain access to the door leading into the lab that we shot the lock off. Go inside and grab the collectible off the table. In the same lab look for a body in the corner of the room and loot it to get the Upper Lab Key. Go back into the Ozone Chamber room.
  • Fish Fry (Collectible 3): Look above the Ozone chamber into the office above. Shoot the yellow power box and head to the lower corner of the floor where there is a chain fenced area. Go into this area and open the door to reach the stairs. On the bottom stairs is this collectible.
  • Sushi Backpack Trophy (Collectible 4): Head up the stairs where you found Collectible 3 and go all the way to the top office. Head to the right and open the door to reach the backpack trophy.
  • Options (Collectible 5): Inside the room you rescue the civilians from on a bar in the corner.

Once you’ve collected all of the collectibles listed above, you can leave the level. That’s all you need to do to complete the Aquarium Civilian Rescue mission. Enjoy your Sushi Backpack Trophy.

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