The Division 2: Nightclub Infiltration Collectibles Guide

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In The Division 2 there are Classified Assignments players can complete to earn loot, XP, and new Backpack Trophies. These missions are scattered across the map and feature self-contained levels to complete. One of the Classified Assignments found in the Downtown East is called the Nightclub Infiltration. Use our Nightclub Infiltration Collectibles Guide below to find all the collectibles in this Classified Assignment.

Nightclub Infiltration Collectibles List

Image showing the Burger Backpack Trophy in The Division 2.

While completing this Classified Assignment you want to look for collectibles in this level. The collectibles in this assignment are as follows:

  • 5x Collectibles:
    • Spice Effects.
    • Promise.
    • Fair.
    • OD Call.
    • Agent Activation.
  • 1x Burger Backpack Trophy.

Each collectible you find listed above will earn you XP. This can be a useful way to easily earn some XP while out on this mission.

Nightclub Infiltration Collectibles Locations Video Guide

As mentioned above there are a total of 6 collectibles in this Classified Assignment. These collectibles are scattered throughout the level and need must be interacted with in order to collect. To help you find the locations of all the collectibles check out the video by NothingButSkillz above. If you don’t want to watch the video above use the brief description of each collectible location in the list below.

Nightclub Infiltration Collectibles Text Guide

  • Spice Effects (Collectible 1): Force open the elevator door to the left of the entrance to the Brass Room to get this collectible.
  • Spice Productions (Collectible 2): Room behind bar in Brass Room. Go behind the bar and shoot the lock to enter into this room to get the collectible.
  • Agent Activation (Collectible 3): Echo near the elevator shaft leading to the Gold Lounge.
  • OD Call (Collectible 4): Grab the Control Booth key off the dead Hyena called Johnny leaning next to the neon light in the Silver Lounge and use it to enter the Silver Lounge’s control booth. Grab the collectible here and turn on the generator.
  • Are We Rogue (Collectible 5): Complete the level then head up to the control room. Before entering the Staff Only door shoot the power box to the left. Go inside the control room and hang a right and open the locked doors to the Security Room nearby.

How to Get the Burger Backpack Trophy (Collectible 5)

To access the room with the Burger Backpack Trophy you need to learn a four part code to input in computers in Security Room at end of level.

  • Code Piece: On the top floor of the lobby area you will encounter a locked door with a generator beside it. Turn on the generator then follow the chords to the light. Make note of the light number (1-4) and hit the wood out of the way to to the right to reveal a symbol. Make note of symbol.
  • Code Piece: In the hallway heading to the Gold Lounge (after the Platinum Lounge) on your left is a storage room. Go inside the storage room and turn on the generator. Look into the darkness and shine a flashlight onto the wall to get the symbol. Note both symbol and light number. If you don’t have a flashlight to see simply use the process of elimination in the Security Room.
  • Code Piece: Turn on generator in Silver Lounge control room and note the symbol and light number on wall opposite you.
  • Code Piece: Jump onto the DJ stage in the Geode Room and interact with the turntable. You will see a symbol on your left. Head to the right of the stage and trigger the generator to get the light number.

After you have the complete code finish the level but don’t leave. Head up the stairs leading to the staff only door and shoot the electrical box in the hole in the wall. Go through the Staff Only door and head past the Level Exit into the control booth. Hang a right in the control booth and shoot the lock on the door. Go into the now accessible Security Room. Input the code and the door on the screen will open. Double all the way back to the beginning of the level to get the Burger Backpack Trophy.

Once you’ve collected all of the collectibles listed above, you can leave the level. That’s all you need to do to complete the Nightclub Infiltration mission. Enjoy your Burger Backpack Trophy.

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