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In The Division 2 there are Classified Assignments players can complete to earn loot, XP, and new Backpack Trophies. These missions are scattered across the map and feature self-contained levels to complete. One of the Classified Assignments found in the Downtown West is called Detention Center. Use our Detention Center Rescue Collectibles Guide below to find all the collectibles.

Detention Center Rescue Collectibles List

While completing this Classified Assignment you want to look for collectibles in this level. The collectibles in this assignment are as follows:

  • 4x Collectibles:
    • Mass Arrests.
    • Prison Outbreak.
    • NSA Wiretap.
    • NSA Interrogation.
  • 1x Fries Backpack Trophy.

Each collectible you find listed above will earn you XP. This can be a useful way to easily earn some XP while out on this mission.

Detention Center Rescue Collectibles Locations Video Guide

As mentioned above there are a total of 5 collectibles in this Classified Assignment. These collectibles are scattered throughout the level and need must be interacted with in order to collect. To help you find the locations of all the collectibles check out the video by Gaming with Abyss above. If you don’t want to watch the video above use the brief description of each collectible location in the list below.

Detention Center Rescue Collectibles Text Guide

  • Mass Arrests (Collectible 1): Inside locked cell in Laundry Room. Shoot power box on left wall of the locked cell to open. Collectible is sitting next to red laundry basket.
  • Prison Outbreak (Collectible 2): In Visitation Room on way to the Gym. Requires key to unlock. Key is found in locker in room to right of vending machines by entrance to Gym. Collectible can be found on desk.
  • NSA Wiretap (Collectible 3): Inside Cellblock B’s guard tower on desk by mounted machine gun.
  • NSA Interrogation (Collectible 4): Inside Cellblock A’s guard tower on the second floor. Need to shoot the power box to through second floor window reach (done before collectible 3). Accessible after Collectible 3.
  • Fries Backpack Trophy (Collectible 5): Use keypad in Cellblock B’s guard tower to open the cell doors. Go upstairs and enter cell B40 on the leftside. Go through the hole in the back cell wall. Follow the catwalk down to the fenced in generator. Head to the left and shoot the drain pipes closed. Return to the generator and look for cords running to a circuit. Shoot the circuit to open door to another generator room. Take fuse out and put into fenced in generator and drain the water. Use now accessible ladders to cross the sewer area to reach the Fries Backpack Trophy.

Once you’ve collected all of the collectibles listed above, you can leave the level. That’s all you need to do to complete the Detention Center Rescue mission. Enjoy your Fries Backpack Trophy.

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2 responses

  1. Michael Corsair says:

    Good guide for 1 exception…The celldoors are all closed and I cant get the door open to get the backpack trophy. I have all others though..just not the backpack

  2. Mike Hurwitz says:

    maybe mention we need to physically walk out of the missions to get the mission XP points. These are great little guides to the collectables, but I just did 3x of these, and only noticed that they were marked incomplete on the last one. Normally not a big deal but they have a 4 day wait period to go again.

    Just a thought.

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