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As you progress through the story of Pokemon Sun/Moon, you will come upon a group called Team Skull. This group basically fills the role of a Team Rocket, but does so while rapping and rhyming. After you finish the Thrifty Mart challenge you will return to Aether House to discover that Team Skull has stolen a Pokemon. Being the super trainer you are, you are tasked with collecting the stolen Pokemon. This quest takes you to Po Town to the northeast, which acts as Team Skulls headquarters.

Within Po Town there is a large mansion which houses Team Skull’s boss Guzma. Unfortunately it is not as simple as walking in and challenging him. Guzma is blocked behind a guard who asks for three Team Skull passwords. Don’t wanna look around? Check out the Team Skull passwords below. team skull passwords

Which move does Master Guzma like best?

Beat Up

Which Pokémon does Master Guzma like best?


Which drink does Master Guzma like best?

Tapu Cocoa

So you think the passwords are Beat Up, Golisopod, and Tapu Cocoa! Are you sure about that?

This is confusing, but select the No option!

Once you have answered all of these questions, you will gain access to Master Guzma. Guzma uses Bug type Pokemon so plan your team accordingly.

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