Pokemon Sun and Moon Team Skull Passwords

As you play Pokémon Sun and Moon, you’ll come across Team Skull, a lively and mischievous group. They share some traits with Team Rocket but have their own style—they express themselves through rap and rhyme. After completing the Thrifty Mart challenges (where you can catch Mimikyu), you return to the Aether House and uncover Team Skull’s daring Pokémon theft. As a skilled trainer, it’s your job to recover the stolen Pokémon, which takes you to Po Town in northeastern Alola, where Team Skull hides. To enter their headquarters, you must solve a password challenge. Discover the Pokémon Sun and Moon Team Skull Passwords below.

All Team Skull Password Answers in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon

Image showing Master Guzma in Pokemon.
To fight Master Guzma you must first solve his password puzzle.

Po Town is mysterious and intimidating, with a grand mansion as Guzma’s residence, Team Skull’s enigmatic leader. Your path to confronting Guzma is complex. A vigilant guard stands as an obstacle, demanding three specific Team Skull passwords for entry. If you want a shortcut, here are the Team Skull passwords question answers:

  1. The favored move of Master Guzma is none other than “Beat Up.”
  2. When it comes to preferred Pokémon, Master Guzma holds “Golisopod” in the highest regard.
  3. To quench his thirst and appease his palate, Master Guzma takes delight in sipping on “Tapu Cocoa.”

Armed with these correct responses, you will unlock the hidden passage to confront Master Guzma himself. It’s essential to bear in mind that Guzma specializes in Bug-type Pokémon, so careful and strategic preparation of your team is advisable to rise to the challenge and secure victory.

We welcome you to share your thoughts on your encounter with Master Guzma and your overall experiences with Team Skull in the comments. Did this comprehensive guide to Team Skull passwords prove instrumental in your captivating journey through the intricacies of Pokémon Sun and Moon? Your insights and stories are greatly valued and appreciated in the comments below!


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