Pokemon Sun and Moon How to Get Fossil Pokemon

Image showing the four fossil Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, a diverse array of Pokémon can be found in various locations, including those of prehistoric origin. Just like in previous generations, you can collect specific fossil Pokémon. Wondering where to discover these ancient treasures? Dive into our guide on how to get fossil Pokemon in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon.

Step 1: Get Fossils in Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon

To embark on your journey with fossil Pokémon, you’ll first need to obtain the fossils themselves. Begin by heading to Konikoni City, situated at the southwestern most point of Akala Island. You’ll visit this location as part of the game’s storyline. Once in Konikoni City, make your way to Olivia’s jewelry shop, which is easily identifiable by the hammer sign above it. Inside the shop, you’ll encounter two merchants. A lady sells evolution stones, while an elderly gentleman offers fossils. Depending on your game version, the old man will sell you either the Plume and Armor Fossils (in Pokémon Moon) or the Skull and Cover Fossils (in Pokémon Sun). Procure the specific fossil corresponding to your game and proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Visit the Fossil Restoration Expert

Image showing the four fossil Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon.
The four fossil Pokémon you can get from the different fossils in Sun and Moon.

Now that you have acquired the fossils, it’s time to bring the Pokémon within them back to life. This step is straightforward. From Konikoni City, journey to the Pokémon Center on Route 8. On Route 8, you’ll encounter a right-turn path leading into the forest. Follow this path, venture into the woods, and you’ll come across an individual known as Fossil Man (an unofficial nickname). Fossil Man resides in solitude in a trailer within the woods. When you speak to Fossil Man with the fossils in your inventory, he will offer to revive the Pokémon contained within them. The process is quick and grants you two new Pokémon entries in your Pokédex.

Fossil Pokémon You Get

In Pokémon Moon:

  1. Archen: The Plume Fossil yields the Gen V Pokémon Archen, which further evolves into Archeops.
  2. Shieldon: The Armor Fossil results in the Gen IV Pokémon Shieldon, evolving into Bastiodon.

In Pokémon Sun:

  1. Cranidos: The Skull Fossil transforms into the Gen IV Pokémon Cranidos, evolving into Rampardos.
  2. Tirtouga: The Cover Fossil grants the Gen V Pokémon Tirtouga, which evolves into Carracosta.

With your fossils successfully restored, you’ve added some of the easiest Pokémon to your Pokédex. An essential tip to remember is that although the old man claims to sell only one fossil per trainer, you can breed fossil Pokémon, allowing you to obtain one that suits your team. Thank you for reading this how to get Fossil Pokemon guide!

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