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Pokemon can come from all sorts of places in Pokemon Sun and Moon. Like games of previous generations, there are specific fossil Pokemon to be collected in both Pokemon Sun and Moon. So where exactly do you find these prehistoric Pokemon? Below is a guide on how to get fossil Pokemon in Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Get the Fossils

In order to get the Pokemon, you need to get their fossils first. To do this, head to KoniKoni City which is located on the Southwest most point of Akala Island (fear not, you will go there for the story). Once in KoniKoni city, head to Olivia’s jewelry shop (you go here during the story). If you forgot where the shop is exactly, simply look for the shop with a hammer sign above it. Inside Olivia’s jewelry shop there are two merchants. A woman sells evolution stones, while the old man sells fossils. Depending on the game copy you own, the old man will sell you either the Plume and Armor Fossils (Moon) or the Skull and Cover fossils (Sun). Grab your copy specific fossil and head to the next step.

Take the Fossils to the Fossil Guy

Now that you are the proud owner of some old rocks, you need to actually get the Pokemon from them. This step is simple enough. From KoniKoni, head to the Pokemon Center on Route 8. Along Route 8 there is a righthand turn which goes into the forest. Turn right here, head into the forest and you will come face to face with Fossil Man (just what I call him). Fossil Man lives alone in the woods in a trailer. When you talk to Fossil Man with the fossils in your inventory, he will offer to bring the Pokemon back to life. The process takes only a few seconds and gives you two new Pokemon for your Pokedex. To see what these Pokemon are check below.

What Pokemon do you get?


how to get fossil Pokemon


The Plume fossil turns into Gen V Pokemon, Archen. Archen evolves into Archeops.

how to get fossil Pokemon


The Armor Fossil turns into Gen IV Pokemon, Shieldon. Shieldon evolves into Bastiodon.


how to get fossil Pokemon


The Skull Fossil turns into Gen IV Pokemon Crandios. Crandios evolves into Rampardos.

how to get fossil Pokemon


The Cover Fossil turns into Gen V Pokemon Tirtouga. Tirtouga evolves into Carracosta.

With the your fossils brought to life,  you’ve successfully collected some of the easiest Pokemon to add to your Pokedex. An important note is that while the old man says he will only sell one fossil per trainer, you can breed fossil Pokemon, so you can easily get one that fits into the team you are creating. Thanks for reading!

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