Sony PlayStation 5 Sales Have Reached 46.6 Million Units

Smaller form factor PlayStation 5 models with and with disc drive.

Sony unveiled a Q2 financial report brimming with intriguing sales data. Amidst the numbers that catch the eye, one stands out prominently—the remarkable sales figures of the PlayStation 5 since its launch. Since 2021, Sony has successfully sold 46.6 million units of the gaming console.

In its Q2 fiscal results, the company revealed this significant sales achievement. The report unveiled an impressive sale of 4.9 million units during the quarter, outperforming the quarterly sales figures of both FY2022 and FY2021, which each managed to sell 3.3 million units in Q2.

These sales figures align with the expectations Sony had outlined for the quarter. The increase in sales over the past few years results from a boost in console availability, stemming from addressed supply chain issues.

Sony anticipates robust sales for the PlayStation 5, projecting a full supply of consoles available to buyers during the upcoming holiday season. Additionally there is a new PS5 Slim releasing in the coming months that should also add another headwind to sales numbers.

Alongside the release of the console sales numbers, Sony also revealed how the Spider-Man 2 game is selling. In 11 days the title managed to swing its way to 5 million copies sold. This number is well ahead of Spider-Man which required 100 days to reach the milestone.

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