Ghost Knight: A Dark Tale Gets Steam Demo

Ghost Knight A Dark Tale screenshot of boss fight.

Ghost Knight: A Dark Tale, a solo-developed indie action platformer, has recently unveiled a new Steam demo, inviting players to immerse themselves in a 20-minute preview of the game. This trial features platforming challenges, combat sequences, and a boss battle for players to try out.

In Ghost Knight: A Dark Tale, players play as a spectral hero. This hero wears formidable armor and wields otherworldly powers to traverse a perilous realm. The toon-style dark fantasy world boasts immersive atmospheric visuals and modern 3D art.

Players will navigate this eerie world, honing their platforming skills with leaps, double-jumps, and dashes through various challenges. The game, using Unreal Engine 4, commenced development in 2016. The developer, with over a decade of experience from Sledgehammer Games, Sucker Punch Inc., and Microsoft, crafted this title.

Impressively, the solo developer meticulously crafted every element of the game, including the environment, characters, rigging, animation, game design, special effects, and the musical score.

You can watch the developer play the entirety of the demo in the YouTube video below.

If you want to test your mettle in the Ghost Knight’s world, the demo is available for on the Ghost Knight: A Dark Tale Steam page. You can also wishlist the game from this page as well.

Ghost Knight: A Dark Tale currently has a 2025 release date. It will launch on Steam and Epic. There are plans for console ports if resources are available.

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