Xbox Inworld Partnership to Bring AI Tools to Game Developers

Inworld and Xbox partnership reveal image.

Xbox has revealed a noteworthy partnership with Inworld AI, a company focused on creating an advanced AI character engine for NPCs. This collaboration will bring AI tools to game developers within the Xbox ecosystem, granting them access to a variety of generative tools to elevate the game development process.

The partnership announcement became public through the Microsoft Game Dev website. Xbox’s General Manager of Gaming AI, Haiyan Zhang, authored an article providing insights into the partnership’s implications for game developers.

This partnership’s goal is to craft an innovative toolset for game developers. It includes an AI design copilot, which assists in turning prompts into intricate scripts, dialogue trees, and quests.

Furthermore, it incorporates an AI character runtime engine that seamlessly integrates into game clients. This engine enables the generation of dynamic narratives, quests, and dialogue, enhancing the player’s experience.

Developers will have the choice to add this toolset to their repertoire. As the game industry focuses on cost-cutting, the integration of AI tools is becoming increasingly likely. Artificial intelligence is positioned to take over mundane and repetitive tasks, reducing the need for more expensive human labor.

The announcement of the partnership between Xbox and Inworld comes on the heels of a busy period for Xbox. Just a few weeks ago, Xbox finalized its deal to acquire Activision Blizzard King.

The company also recently held a live stream Partner Preview event, that revealed third-party titles coming to the Xbox in the coming few quarters.



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