Destiny 2 The Witcher 3 Crossover Items Now Available for Sale

Destiny 2 The Witcher 3 armor sets for the Warlock, Titan, and Hunter.

In an unusual crossover, Destiny 2 now has a collection of items featuring The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt themes, available for purchase. Among these items includes a special bathtub emote, armor sets for each class, and accessories including a ship and a sparrow.

The Witcher 3 Items Come to Destiny 2

Fans looking to get their hands on the Destiny 2 x The Witcher 3 items can do so by purchasing them from the in-game Eververse shop. In the shop there are Witcher themed item for sale in Silver, the game’s MTX currency. The items you can purchase are:

  • Barrel Bath Emote – 1,200 Silver
  • Kaer Morhen Set (Titans) – 2,000 Silver
  • Hexer Set (Warlocks) – 2,000 Silver
  • White Wolf Set (Hunters) – 2,000 Silver
  • Flood of Anger Finisher – 1,000 Silver
  • Monster Slayer Gear Bundle – 2,500 Silver
    • Wolven Shell
    • Wolven Storm (Ship)
    • Roach-VGH (Vehicle)

The three class armor sets hail from distinct moments in The Witcher series. The Kaer Morhen set originates from The Witcher 3, the Hexer set from the 2001 Polish Witcher live-action film, and the White Wolf set is also from The Witcher 3.

While the armor sets pay homage to The Witcher, the standout piece is the emote Barrel Bath. This emote vividly recreates the iconic opening of The Witcher 3, during which Geralt is seen lounging in a bathtub.

The release of the Destiny 2 x The Witcher 3 items came alongside the Season of the Wish. This season will run until February and then there will be new content added for players waiting on the release of the delayed The Final Shape expansion.

Bungie recently faced a notable setback, with layoffs attributed to CEO-acknowledged underperformance. Despite this, the studio is actively working on new projects, including a revamped version of the 1994 game Marathon.

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