Realm of Ink Is an Ink-Style Roguelite Coming in 2024

Realm of Ink screenshot.

Earlier today, Chinese indie publisher 663 Games announced the upcoming release of Realm of Ink, an ink-style action roguelite developed by Leap Studio and Male Leaf Studio. Scheduled to launch on PC via Steam and consoles in 2024, this title represents a notable shift for the publisher, marking their first foray into global markets after a history of focusing on Asia-specific titles.

In Realm of Ink, players take control of Red, a skilled Fox demon with expertise in swordsmanship. The storyline unveils that Red is a fictional character within the story collection Realm of Ink. To uncover the truth about her existence and defy fate, Red actively pursues the unlocking of the Book Spirit.

As players advance in Realm of Ink, they unlock two additional playable characters alongside Red. The protagonists, as they navigate through the story, are accompanied by an ally known as the Scriptbound Fox. Additionally, the journey introduces several dozen NPCs for players to encounter along the way.

Realm of Ink Reveal Trailer

As part of the announcement today the developers released a reveal trailer to the official Realm of Ink YouTube channel for players to view. This trailer showcases various aspects of the game and its design. What particularly caught my attention in the trailer is undoubtedly its distinctive art style. Crafted with an ink-style aesthetic, the game presents visually unique themed stages and characters drawn from various facets of Chinese folklore.

In terms of gameplay, it seems evident that there’s some inspiration drawn from Hades, but the studios have added their unique twist to the formula. Combat revolves around equipping special Ink Gems to construct diverse combinations and builds. These builds originate from various martial arts schools and skills grounded in the principles of Yin and Yang.

To delve deeper into the game, explore the official Steam store page and consider joining the dedicated Discord server. If interested, you can also add the title to your Wishlist on Steam.

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