Self-Reflection Guide – Control Side Quest

In Control you will reach an area called the Ritual Division. In this Ritual Division there is a room on the westside called the Synchronicity Lab. Inside the Synchronicity Lab there is a room attached that is accessible using a Level 6 Clearance card. Inside this room is a side quest called Self-Reflection. Use our Self-Reflection guide below to complete this side quest.

Self-Reflection Location

Image showing the location of the Self-Reflection side quest.

The Self-Reflection side quest is located in the Synchronicity Lab which is accessed through the Ritual Division. Inside the Synchronicity Lab there is a locked level 6 door leading to the Mirror Testing Lab. Once you have Level 6 access return to this room and head inside to trigger the Self-Reflection side quest.

Solution to the Self-Reflection Mirror Puzzle

Image showing the mirror in the Self-Reflection side quest.

To complete this side quest you need to gain access to the mirror that is locked inside the chamber in the center of the room. To reach this mirror you need to manipulate a series of shutters on both sides of the chamber to gain access. Manipulate the mirrors as follows:

North Shutters Order

Image showing the north shutters order.

On the north side of the chamber open the furthest left shutter and leave the other two closed. See image above.

South Shutters Order

On the south side of the close the furthest right shutter and open the other two. See image above.

Once you have the shutters in the positions listed above the chamber will open and you will be able to enter and access the mirror inside. When you interact with the mirror you will be taken to the reflected place. In this reflected place you will get a new objective.

Explore the reflected space inside the Mirror

Image showing the Synchronicity Lab.

Inside the reflected place you are free to explore the area before you. The goal to progress here is to interact with the three different containment cells in the reflected Synchronicity Lab. After you interact with all three a boss will spawn called esseJ.

Boss: esseJ

Image showing the boss esseJ.

esseJ is basically a reflection of you (hence the name). This fight has three different phases that trigger at each 33% of health lost. The first phase esseJ will simply throw and shoot at you. The second phase esseJ will throw and shoot, but will also use her shield. During the final phase esseJ will levitate around the room shooting and throwing items at you. For beating esseJ you will unlock the Altered Manifestations May Occur trophy.

After esseJ is beat you will be prompted to cleanse the mirror. Simply return to the mirror you used to enter reflected place and cleanse it. This will end the mission.

This concludes our Self-Reflection guide. If you have any questions or comments, drop me a line in The Pit below. Thanks for reading.


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