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Once you learn where the Slide Projector is being hidden you will start a new mission called Finnish Tango. In this mission you need to make your way to Dimensional Research. To help you complete this mission check out our Finnish Tango guide below.

Reach the Maze, Find the Janitor

To start you need to make your way to the Dimensional Research area. This area can be accessed by going to the Central Research area and taking the stairs to the very top of the courtyard area beside Dr. Darling’s office. Walk across the bridge called Fireproof and access the Ashtray Maze. Access the Control Point here then warp to the NSC Power Plant and head to the Janitor’s Office

Janitor’s Office

Image showing the painting in the Janitor's Office.

Make your way to see the Janitor in his office. When you reach the office you will notice the Janitor is missing. Interact with the painting in the office to get transported to the janitor’s vision. Follow the pathway forward until you reach a vast room with various broken bridges. Look for the complete bridge and levitate over to it. Go through the stone door and follow the pathway around the NSC Coolant Pump room until your reach a lightswitch. Pull the switch 3x times to travel to… the Oceanview Motel yet again.

Oceanview Motel

Image showing the Oceanview Motel.

To start make your way over to the front desk and ring the bell twice. Go to the second room and turn on all the radios. Ring the bell a third time and go do the same in the third room. Ring the bell again and go into the first room to find the keys. Take the keys and open the Janitor door just next to the front desk. Pull the lightswitch 3x times. You will travel to the Black Rock Quarry.

Black Rock Quarry

Image showing the Restricted Access doors in the Black Rock Quarry.

Tag the control point and head out the locked door. Walk along the top of the quarry and use your levitation when needed to reach the open hangar doors on the northside. Slow fall down the elevator shaft to reach the Restricted Area.

Restricted Area

Image showing the tram appearing in the Restricted Area.

Make your way forward in the Restricted Area and access the control room with the enemy inside it. Push the button here then get ready for enemies to attack. Once the tram arrives jump on board and press the button to get out of there. Ride the tram into Nowhere.


Image showing nowhere in Control.

Exit the tram and walk off the platform. Continue walking into nowhere until you trigger a cutscene with the Janitor. He gives you his walkman. Take the walkman to finish the mission. You will receive your next mission which is called Polaris. This mission involves making your way through the Ashtray Maze. Head there now via the Control Point that appears in Nowhere.

This concludes our Finnish Tango guide. As per usual drop any comments or suggestion you have in The Pit below. Thanks for reading!



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