Polaris Guide – Control

After making your trek to see the Janitor in a place called Nowhere you will receive an item which will help you get through the Ashtray Maze in the Research Sector. Getting this item starts you on the Polaris mission which is the ninth mission in Control. Find out how to complete this mission using our Polaris guide.

Find the Slide Projector in Dimensional Research

To start make your way back to the Ashtray Maze. When you head inside the maze Jesse will put on her headphones. The music item makes it so you can always see the correct direction you want to go. Simply make your way through the maze until you reach the other side. You will have a few instances where you need to clear a room of enemies before the next exit appears. Once you make it through the maze you will end up in the Dimensional Research area.

Dimensional Research

Image showing the entrance to Dimensional Research.

Inside Dimensional Research make your way forward and claim the Control Point. Head up the stairs into the large room. Levitate up to the platforms on the eastside and go into the control room. Open the door in this room and go inside it to trigger a cutscene that basically shows you the Projector is gone.

Head forward and ignore the elevator for now. Go into the control room and input the symbol on the sticky note. Go back to the elevator and go down it. Pull the gold bolts off the lock on the door and a cutscene will start revealing the Hedron Chamber.

Hedron Chamber

Image showing the Hedron Chamber.

Inside the Hedron Chamber you will see a number of enemies. Dispatch the enemies then run up to the nearest Siphon (the satellite looking thing) and cleanse it. Do this to the other Siphons and the room will change. Reach the higher Siphon and cleanse it. The room will change again. Cleanse the other Siphon that appears. The room will change one final time and cleanse the highest Siphon. Once this is done you will be prompted to reach Polaris.

To reach Polaris use Levitate to climb the three pillars that rise up to the right of the final Siphon. Once you climb up onto the final pillar you will trigger a cutscene. After this cutscene you will unlock the Polaris achievement and will have “beaten” the game. The credits will start to roll and you sill see distorted text on your screen. After this occurs a cutscene will roll and you will take control of Jesse for the final mission Take Control.

This concludes our Polaris guide. If you have any comments or questions drop me a line in The Pit below. Thanks for reading!


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