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The final mission in Control takes place after the supposed credits have rolled. You will take control of Jesse inside the Bureau. She is dressed differently and there is a strange look to the level. This level is known as Take Control. Check out how to beat it using our Take Control guide below.

Office Assistant

Image showing the starting area of the Take Control mission.

When you start the mission Jesse is standing in front of noticeboard. On this noticeboard there are three cards. These cards trigger three possible objectives: deliver mail, tidy up coffee cups, and scan the forms. These objectives are tasks you can do around the office. You only need to complete one circuit of your task then grab the Director’s Mail from the pneumatic tube on the north wall of Executive Affairs. Take the mail to the Director’s Office and deliver it to him. This will trigger a cutscene.

After the cutscene you will be back in the same spot you started the level. Repeat the process a second time to see a new cutscene. After this cutscene you will be in the same spot for a third time. You can pick up the mail right away and head off to the Director’s Office. When you enter you will notice things are different. Go up to the desk and grab the gun. This will trigger a third and final cutscene of Jesse becoming the Director.

Find Darling’s Office

Image showing the entrance to Darling's Office.

Once the cutscene ends you will get a new objective to find Darling’s Office. Leave the Director’s Office and make your way to the Executive Affairs area. Darling’s Office is the middle south room. The doors will be open so enter. Pull the lightswitch 3x times in the office. This will move you to the Oceanview Motel.

Oceanview Motel

Image showing the Oceanview Motel.

Ahhh. Back in the old Oceanview Motel yet again. Like we’ve done in the previous times we’ve visited head to the front desk. Ring the bell once and head to the third room on the left. Grab the key and head across the hall to the locked door. Open the door and watch the cutscene featuring yourself.

Turn off the Slide Projector

Image showing the Slide Projector.

After the Oceanview Motel you will be placed into an unmapped area. In this area you have one objective to turn off the Slide Projector. Head through the hallway and into the moving room. Traverse this area using Levitation and Dash. Make your way to the end to find the Slide Projector. Interact with it to turn it off. With this Dylan will come down. You need to reach him.

Reach Dylan

Image showing suspended Dylan.

Make your way across the platforms that appear. You will need to stop and fight a number of enemies before the next platforms appear. Repeat this process until your reach the suspended body of Dylan. Interact with the body to trigger another cutscene and the actual end of the game.

This concludes our Take Control guide. As always drop any comments or questions you have in The Pit below. Thanks for reading!


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