Resident Evil Village Dungeon Brazier Puzzle Solution

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In Resident Evil Village as you progress the main story you will end up in the castle’s dungeon. In this location you will come across a room that appears to be a dead end. This room contains a suspended torch in the center of it and two unlit standing torches on both sides. This room is actually a puzzle you need to solve. To help you do that check out the Resident Evil Village dungeon Brazier puzzle solution below for the Hall of War.

How to Do the Brazier Puzzle in the Dungeon in Resident Evil Village

The puzzle itself is very easy to complete once you understand the simple mechanics behind it. To solve this puzzle push the swinging brazier to the left to light up the chalice on your left. Once that chalice is lit let the brazier return to the middle then push it to the chalice on your right. Once this chalice is lit you will have lit up both chalices. This triggers the wall of soldiers to open in front of you revealing a door.

Take the door to travel deeper into the castle. You need to solve this puzzle in order to advance the main story. Also keep in mind this mechanic as it will come in handy on a puzzle later in the game. We have plenty more Resident Evil Village guides for you so be sure to check them out.

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