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In Resident Evil Village there are a number of special treasures players can find in the different areas of the game. These treasures are marked on your map with a chest icon. These important treasures typically contain either a weapon or item of high value. One treasure you may see is the Treasure Under Stronghold. This treasure can be acquired just before you complete the level. To get this treasure use our Resident Evil Village Treasure Under Stronghold guide below.

How to Find the Treasure Under the Stronghold

Image showing the Resident Evil Village Treasure Under Stronghold map location.
The treasure is at this location.

The Stronghold is one of the final locations you will visit during the main story of Resident Evil Village. This location is full of lycan enemies and a boss fight with Urias. To get to the treasure you need to make your way through the Stronghold until you reach the boss fight. Defeat the Urias boss then head through the crystal cave.

After you go through the crystal cave you will reach a room that has Torso Flask. Collecting this story item triggers a vision. After this vision leave the room and head down the stairs into the next area. In this area look to your left to find a golden plate on the mantle. Grab this golden plate called Geglielmo’s Plate. This plate is the Treasure Under the Stronghold. It can be sold to Duke for a tidy amount of Lei.

That’s all you need to know to get the Treasure Under the Stronghold. This treasure is pretty much on the path you need to follow to leave the area. It is very hard to miss, but you cannot go back to get it. For more guides like this one see our our Resident Evil Village hub section.

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