Resident Evil Village Boss List

In Resident Evil Village there are a number of enemy types players will encounter. These enemies range from simple lycans to more complex creatures that serve as the game’s bosses. As you progress through the main story you will encounter a number of bosses before the game comes to an end. To keep track of the bosses you’ve encountered consult the complete Resident Evil Village boss fight list below.

Dimitrescu Daughter Fight 1: Dungeon

Image showing the Dimitrescu Daughter Fight 1 Dungeon End in Resident Evil Village.

While Ethan is in the dungeon he is chased by one of Dimitrescu Daughters. Ethan escapes through a boarded up hole in the wall that leads to a room. In this room the daughter attacks Ethan triggering a cutscene. During this cutscene a window gets shot and breaks in the room letting cold air in. After the cutscene a fight begins. To complete the fight lure the daughter so she is standing in the path of the window’s cold air. Shoot her until she turns into and ice block that shatters to end the fight. Pick up the Crystal Torso she drops as a reward.

Dimitrescu Daughter Fight 2: Castle Library

Image showing the Dimitrescu Daughter Fight 2 Castle Library in Resident Evil Village.

The second boss fight you will need to complete is against another one of Dimitrescu Daughters. This fight takes place in the Library of the castle after you solve the piano puzzle and get the Iron Key. Once you use this key in the Library door you will gain access to this room. Upon entering the room you will be attacked. Like the previous fight you need to lure this enemy into the frozen air by an open window. In this case it is the skylight over the middle of the room. Use the lever to open the skylight. Shoot at the enemy when the skylight then rinse and repeat until she turns to ice. She will also drop a Crystal Torso when defeated.

Dimitrescu Daughter Fight 3: Castle Armory

Image showing the Dimitrescu Daughter Fight 3 Castle Armory.

The final one of Dimitrescu Daughters will attack you inside the Castle Armory. To complete this fight you need to use a pipe bomb to blow open the crack in the wall. This will let in a ton of cold air. Shoot the daughter as she goes through the cold air. Repeat until she freezes. Pick up the Crystal Torso she drops as your reward for a fight well done.

Lady Dimitrescu: Castle Tower of Worship

Image showing Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil 8.

CP Challenge: Defeat in under 2 minutes and 30 seconds.

Once you’ve collect all four of the masks in the Castle you can place them on the four statues to escape. Since you’ve killed all of Lady Dimitrescu’s daughters she is pretty upset. Once you exit the Castle you will enter the Tower of Worship. In the Tower of Worship you will find a special dagger inside a coffin. This triggers a cutscene where you use the dagger on the tall lady. She transforms into a crazy beast that you need to defeat. To do this focus on hitting the person on the back of the creature. Once you deal enough damage you will go to the top of the tower. Repeat the process of focusing on the rider and you will eventually prevail. Defeating this boss earns you the That Sucked trophy/achievement.

Donna Beneviento & Angie

Image showing the doll boss in Resident Evil Village.

CP Challenge: Defeat in under 1 minute and 40 seconds.

There is a bit of lull between boss fights until you reach House Beneviento. Inside House Beneviento you must complete a number of puzzles. Once you complete all the puzzles and use the elevator to return to the main floor this boss fight begins. To defeat the Donna Beneviento & Angie duo you need to find the white dress wearing doll three times in on the floor and interreact with it. On the third time you will defeat Donna Beneviento & Angie. This will give you a key and the Got No Strings trophy/achivement.


Image showing the Moreau boss in Resident Evil Village.

CP Challenge: Defeat in under one minute.

The swamp living Moreau is the next boss you will face. This boss is located at the end of the Village Reservoir area. You need to complete a few tasks before you actually fight this enemy. Once you reach the Drowned Houses you will be in the boss arena. Here you need to focus on shooting the human inside the creatures mouth. Once enough damage is done you will defeat this boss. Kill Moreau unlocks the Fish Out of Water trophy/achievement.

Urias vs Ethan

Image showing Urias in Resident Evil Village.

When you reach the end of the Stronghold you will encounter the giant hammer wielding boss named Urias. You may remember this character form the beginning of the game when you encounter him in The Village. You will fight Urias in a small cave arena where he will call in adds while you are fighting. When you defeat this boss you get the Up Urs trophy/achievement. You will fight this boss a second time later in the story.


Image showing the Sturm fight boss fight in Resident Evil Village.

You are introduced to Sturm fairly early inside of Heisenberg’s Factory. This half-man, half-propeller creature will chase you multiple times in different sections of the level. Once you final forge Heisenberg’s Key you will have to fight this enemy on B1. Open the horse lock door and enter the hall here. Walk down the hall until Strum appears. This starts the boss fight. To defeat Strum you need to shoot his back whenever the red jet appears.


Image showing the Heisenberg boss in

CP Challenge: Defeat in under four minutes.

After you fight Sturm you will enter a large Cargo Bay area. Once through this area you will trigger a cutscene with Chris. After this cutscene you will board a large mech/machine vehicle. Ride this vehicle into the elevator then take the elevator up to the boss arena where you will fight mecha-Heisenberg. This boss fight has two phases with the first being you in the vehicle and the second being you on foot. Defeating the Heisenberg boss earns you the Iron Giant Down trophy/achievement. The end is in sight.

Urias vs Chris

Image showing the second boss fight against Urias in Resident Evil Village.

Once you complete the Heisenberg fight you will take control of Chris Redfield. Chris is taking part in an assault on the Village and surrounding area. During this assault Chris will run into Urias after dropping into the Underground cave. To defeat this boss you need to shoot him until the Target Locator comes online then call in an airstrike. This will kill the boss allowing you to continue forward.

Mother Miranda

Image showing Mother Miranda in Resident Evil Village.

The final boss you fight in Resident Evil Village is Miranda. This boss fight occurs at the very end of the game when Ethan comes back to life after having died. When this boss fight occurs you will need to defeat Miranda inside a boss fight arena. Once your manage to take down Miranda you will beat the game and the credits will roll. After the credits you will unlock a variety of end-game activities to take part in.

That concludes the Resident Evil Village boss list. Many of these boss fights take the game in an interesting action direction. The fight with in particular is especially crazy as it is basically a mech on mech bout. Which was your favorite? Let me know below.

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