Resident Evil Village CP Challenges List

While you play Resident Evil Village you can complete special challenges to earn an in-game currency called CP. This in-game currency can be used to buy unlocks from the game’s Bonuses > Extra Content Shop. These unlocks range from special weapons to concept art and figures. To help you earn the currency here’s the completed Resident Evil Village CP challenges list.

How to Earn CP in Resident Evil 8

To earn CP you need to complete specific challenges in Resident Evil 8. These specific challenges can be found in the game under Challenges. The list of challenges to complete is fairly long with there being a total of 94 challenges to complete. The amount of CP increases the harder the challenge is. See the table for details.

Challenge #ChallengeDescription
1Not Lycan This…Surive the lycan attack
2Four LordsEscape the mine
3That SuckedDefeat the mutated Dimitrescu
4Got No StringsDefeat Donna and Angie
5Fish Out of WaterDefeat the mutated Moreau
6Up UrsDefeat Urias in the stronghold
7Temporary MeasuresPlace the Giant’s Chalice in the Ceremony Site
8Iron Giant DownDefat the mutated Heisenberg
9The Root of the MatterFind the Megamycete in the underground ruins
10Great DadFinish the story on at least Casual difficulty
11Best Dad EverFinish the story on at least Standard difficulty
12World’s Best DadFinish the story on at least Hardcore difficulty
13Universe’s Best DadFinish the story on at least Village of Shadows difficulty
14CrafterCraft an item in the Crafting Menu
15HobbyistCraft 60 items in the Crafting Menu
16SurvivalistCraft 150 items in the Crafting Menu
17Master Survivalist Craft 300 items in the Crafting Menu
18PatronPurchase something from the Duke in the story
19Petty ThiefUnlock a simple lock with a lockpick
20Cat BurglarUnlock 15 simple locks with lockpicks
21RepairerCombine a treasure into its complete form
22Treasure HunterComplete all combinable treasures
23HunterHunt an animal during the story
24PoacherHunt 40 animals during the story
25Get the Ball RollingSolve a Labyrinth
26GoooaaalMove the ball from the Winterses’ bedroom into the study
27Squawk shotShoot down five flying crows in the story
28When You Gotta Go…Open the door to every outhouse in the village in a single playthrough
29Hooligan Break every breakable window in Castle Dimitrescu in a single playthrough
30Quit Hanging AroundShoot down a Soldate hanging from the production line in the Factory
31GeologistShoot down 15 different valuable minerals
32Push Comes to ShovePush away an enemy after guarding in the story
33Trick ShotDefeat an enemy from long range with the sniper rifle in the story.
34StrategistDefeat at least three enemies with one attack in the story
35Medium RareSet fire to a Moroaici in the story
36Fast ReflexesKnock a flaming arrow out of the sky with a close combat weapon in the story.
37Leader of the PackTake down the Varcolac Alfa in the story
38TimberDefeat Urias during the first lycan attack when you enter the village
39UnstoppableDefeat 30 lycans during the first lycan attack when you enter the village
40EntrapmentDefeat 20 enemies with other enemies attacks in the story
41Butter FingersMake a Moroaica drop her weapon in the story
42Down to EarthDefeat a Samca with a landmine in the story
43Strip MinerRemove all the armor from a Soldat Panzer in the story
44Head TraumeDefeat 150 enemies with headshots (including melee weapons) in the story
45SlayerDefeat 300 enemies in the story
46ButcherDefeat 600 enemies in the story
47ExecutionerDefeat 1500 enemies in the story
48Pew PewDefeat 200 enemies with handguns in the story
49Boom Stick WielderDefeat 100 enemies with shotguns in the story
50Sharp ShooterDefeat 80 enemies with a sniper rifle in the story
51Fire in the HoleDefeat 50 enemies with the grenade launcher in the story
5230 Big HolesDefeat 30 enemies with magnums in the story
53Dakka DakkaDefeat 180 enemies with assualt rifles in the story
54Pineapple AceDefeat 50 enemies with grenades and pipe bombs in the story
55Mind Your StepDefeat 50 enemies with mines in the story
56Lady KillerDefeat mutated Dimitrescu in under 20 minutes 30 seconds
57Hide and Seek MasterDefeat Angie in under 1 minute 40 seconds
58SashimiDefeat mutated Moreau in under one minute
59BlitzkreigDefeat mutated Heisenberg in under four minutes
60PhotographerUse Photo Mode
61Lucky Number 7Have 777, 7,777 or 77,777 Lei in your possession in the story
62Anniversary PresentHave 52,911 Lei in your possession in the story
63CountdownHave 54,321 Lei in your possession in the story
64Make it RainGet a total of 8,100,000 Lei in the story
65MapmaticianComplete the village map
66CynicDestroy a Goat of Warding
67HereticDestroy all the Goats of Warding
68GunsmithEquip a gun with a customizable part
69Veteran GunsmithEquip every gun with their customizable parts in the story
70TinkererCreate every typ of item available in the Craftin menu
71ArtisanCollect every crafting recipe
72BookwormRead every single file in the story
73Don’t Trust That Snake OilFinish the story only using four or less recovery items
74Dashing DadFinish the story within 3 hours
75Frugal DadFinish the story without spending more than 10,000 Lei
76Knives OutFinish the story using nothing but close combat weapons.
77Dense DadFinish the story without crafting any items
78SlobFinish the story without moving items or using Stack Items in the inventory
79Thank you for playingFinish the story three times
80Combo KingGet a combo of at least 30 during The Mercenaries
81Hero of the VillageComplete The Village stage in The Mercenaries once
82Storming the CastleComplete The Caste stage in The Mercenaries once
83Mass-ReducedComplete The Factory stage in The Mercenaries once
84Night FighterComplete The Mad Village stage in The Mercenaries once
85Gun SlingerAchieve at least an A Rank on all stages in The Mercenaries
86Legendary CowboyAchieve at least an S Rank on all stages in The Mercenaries
87OverkillDo over 10,000 damage with a single attack while playing The Mercenaries
88Ability UserUse 10 abilities in The Mercenaries
89Ability ExpertUse 22 abilities in The Mercenaries
90Doll CollectorView all character and weapon models
91Art CollectorView all concept art
92Shopping AddictObtain 200 items from the Extra Content Shop
93Villager Complete 30 Challenges
94OverachieverComplete 70 Challenges

That’s all the Resident Evil Village CP Challenges currently in the game. If you want to buy all of the extra shop items you will need to crush out a bulk of what is listed above. There are a ton of items you can purchase in the shop. Better get started earning.

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