Resident Evil Village Goooaaal Guide

At the beginning of Resident Evil Village you will playthrough a brief opening in Ethan Winter’s house. This opening tasks you with putting Rose to bed. To do this you have to make your way upstairs to the master bedroom where Rose’s crib is. While you are doing this there is a special challenge and trophy/achievement you can unlock called Goooaaal. See the complete Resident Evil Village Goooaaal guide below.

Ball Location in Resident Evil Village

Image showing how Move the Ball from the Bedroom to the Study in Resident Evil Village.

To complete this challenge and trophy/achievement you need to move the yellow ball from the Winterses’ bedroom into the nearby study. To do this take Rose up to the bedroom and put her in her crib. Once the baby is put away you will notice a yellow ball nearby. This yellow ball can be pushed by looking down and pushing it with your feet. Push the ball into the Study which is the door next to the bed. Once the ball clears the doorway you will complete the Goooaaal challenge and trophy/achievement.

Completing this challenge earns an easy 3,000 CP you can spend in the Extras Shop. It takes only a few seconds to complete and is worth the effort. There are more challenges like this one in the game so check out our other Resident Evil Village walkthroughs.

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