Resident Evil Village Varcolac Alfa Guide

There are a number of interesting challenges for players to complete in Resident Evil Village. Completing these challenges reward players with CP. One challenge players can complete is to hunt a Varcolac Alfa. This super lycan appears while playing through your game and you must kill it to receive your reward. For a full walkthrough see the Resident Evil Village Varcolac Alfa guide below.

Where to Find the Varcolac Alfa

Image showing the map location of the Varcolac Alfa in Resident Evil Village.

The Varcolac Alfa spawns into the world upon completion of the Reservoir. Once you’ve completed the Reservoir you will need to go the Stronghold. Along the way to the stronghold head back to the Fallow Plot in the Village. In the field you will find this Alpha Werewolf. Before you attempt to fight it be warned it is tough. Make sure you are prepared accordingly.

How to Kill the Varcolca Alfa

Image showing the Varcolac Alfa in Resident Evil Village.

Fighting the Varcolca Alfa is a bit tough as it is much stronger than the normal lycans you face in the game. This monster will charge at you once you engage in combat with it. The best approach I’ve found is to use a combination of the Grenade Launcher and Magnum. Both of these weapons pack a serious punch with the Magnum doing bonus damage to werewolves. Besides using these two weapons be sure you have heling and have made some dishes from the Duke’s Kitchen. If you find the fight to be a problem on higher difficulties keep in mind you can do it on any difficulty to get both complete both the CP challenge and Leader of the Pack trophy/achievement.

That’s all you need to know about the Varcolca Alfa enemy in Resident Evil Village. This special enemy makes it relevant to revisit the early area you may have otherwise missed. This is not the only special challenge you can complete during you playthrough. See our RE8 guides hub for more.

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