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In Resident Evil Village there are a number of collectibles for players to find. One of the collectibles is a set of 20 goat heads that can be found and destroyed. Destroying these heads will earn you two achievements/trophies called Cynic and Heretic. If you are wanting to find them all this guide is for you. See below for all Resident Evil Village Goats of Warding collectibles locations.

Goat #1 Location: Village Graveyard

The first Goat can be found along the main path in the graveyard. It is in the shrine on your right. Use your knife to destroy the first Goat of Warding collectible inside the little shrine. Destroying this first one will unlock the Cynic trophy/achievement.

Goat #2 Location: Village Church Roof

The second Goat can be found close by to the first Goat. It is located on top of the roof of the old church that has the Maiden Crest in it just to the northeast. The Goat is on the northwest corner of the church marked on the map above. Use your pistol to destroy it.

Goat #3 Location: Village Fallow Plot

Leave the church and make your way further east into the Fallow Plot. In this location there are some Lycan enemies among the tall grass. Defeat the enemies or sneak past them to north where there are some stairs next to a shack. Go up the stairs and look up along the wall to find the third Goat collectible.

Goat #4 Location: Underground Vineyard

Upon entering the castle you will meet an NPC. This NPC will take you into the Undergrounds Mines. There is short sequence where you need to escape the mines. After this sequence you will be outside where you will be in a vineyard. On the right side of the vineyard is the Goat collectible next to a scarecrow.

Goat #5 Location: Castle Dimitrescu Basement

After solving the Hall of Ablution four statue puzzle head down into the staircase at the bottom of the font. Here you will find a ladder leading further down. Go down this ladder. At the bottom of the ladder the goat is directly in-front of you. on the ground next to some candles.

Goat #6 Location: Castle Dimitrescu Attic

Advance the main story until you solve the 5 bells puzzle in Atelier room. Once you solve this puzzle you will go through the large Lady Dimitrescu’s portrait. Climb the ladder here into the attic. At the top of the ladder look behind you to find the sixth Goat sitting on some crates.

Goat #7 Location: Village Lone Road

Following the main story leads you back to the Village. In this new section of the Village you will visit an area called the Lone Road. Along the Lone Road there is a drawbridge. Go down to this area and head behind the stairs you come down on to find the Goat there.

Goat #8 Location: Village West Old Town

Once you’ve crawled under the tractor and met the new clawed enemy type you will reach an Insignia Gate. Don’t go into the gate, instead head to the east and enter the yard of the missing villager. Head between the two buildings along the fence here to find the Goat on a little roof to your right.

Goat #9 Location: Graveyard

Since we have the Iron Insignia key make your way to the old church (where we got the Maiden’s Crest at start of game) and open the Iron Insignia gate there. Go into this new portion of the graveyard and look for the Goat in the southeast corner next to a crypt.

Goat #10 Location: Suspension Bridge

After you return and speak to Duke you can open the gate to the north using the Four-Winged Key. This pathway leads you to a suspension bridge. While you are crossing the bridge look to your left to find the tenth Goat on another suspension bridge.

Goat #11 Location: House Beneviento Outside

Travel to House Beneviento by giving up your Family Photo when prompted to in the Garden. Once you reach the house don’t go inside. Instead follow the porch to the west. When you round the corner look along the fence by the cliff to find the Goat there.

Goat #12 Location: Village Reservoir Windmill 1

Progress through the swamp area until you need to turn the power on. To do this head over to the first windmill. On the platform where there is the crank walk past it until you reach a dead end with a pile of wood. Next to the wood is the Goat.

Goat #13 Location: Village Reservoir

From the first Windmill you need to make your way across a number of floating platforms o reach the second windmill. Before you get to the second windmill you will reach a platform with three colored platforms and switches. When you are on the blue switch platform look north to find the Goat on top of some wood above you.

Goat #14 Location: Village Reservoir

Upon defeating Moreau and searching his room head back to where we got the boat next to the fisherman’s shack earlier (using the boat key). Now that the water is drained you can walk inside the broken windmill there. Go through the windmill and leave out the other door. Check to your left to find the Goat on some garbage bags.

Goat #15 Location: Village Otto’s Mill

As you head towards the Stronghold you can take a left on the path next to the ‘Good Luck’ sign before the bridge to reach Otto’s Mill. Running through Otto’s Mill is a river. Walk up the river so you are underneath the mill to find a shrine with the Goat in it.

Goat #16 Location: Stronghold

After you make your way through the Den in the Stronghold you will walk down a spiral staircase. At the bottom of this staircase on your right you will find the Goat by some pails.

Goat #17 Location: Heisenberg’s Factory

Travel through Heisenberg’s Factory until you reach the large wind tunnel. In this tunnel you will get sucked towards the fans. Shoot the glowing red center of the fan to stop the blades. Head opposite the fan and walk to the edge of the grinder shaft to find the Goat.

Goat #18 Location: Heisenberg’s Factory Merchant Elevator

After you grab the Key Mold you will continue along your path until you reach an large elevator which Duke rides in. Get on this elevator and face the door. While riding up the elevator between B1-B3 you will have a brief moment to shoot the Goat that is sitting on a red railing just before reaching B3. If you miss the first time simply ride the elevator over and over again until you do hit it. Shotgun works well here.

Goat #19 Location: Heisenberg’s Factory B1

Upon defeating Sturm (the boss with the propeller head) you will enter a control room overlooking the Cargo Bay. Inside this room on the east wall there is a vent you can crawl through. Crawl through this vent to find a secret room. Inside this room there is a Goat on a barrel.

Goat #20 Location: Village Underground

During the game’s ending you will take control of Chris as he takes part in an assault on the Village. During this assault Chris ends up Underground in a cave system. After fighting the Urias boss head into the next cave area to trigger a cutscene with the megamycete. Once this cutscene is over walk to the right to find a statue with the Goat on it. Turn up the brightness if needed as this part is fairly dark.

If you followed the guide above you will have collected all Goat collectibles in Resident Evil 8. Collecting all of these collectibles will unlock the Heretic trophy/achievement. Congratulations.

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