Resident Evil 8 Village: Maiden and Demon Crest Locations Guide

In Resident Evil Village you need to open a door in the village that is a picture of a Maiden and a Demon. To unlock this door you must find both a Demon and Maiden crest hidden in buildings around the village. Once you have both crests you can open the door to begin you journey up to the castle. To help you find these key items consult our Maiden and Demon crest locations guide below.

Maiden and Demon Crests Map Locations

Image showing the Maiden and Demon Crests Map Locations in Resident Evil Village.

A handy part of this game is the fact that it features a map you can open and consult. This map makes finding items a lot easier as you can pinpoint the buildings that contain items of interest. In the case of the Demon and Maiden crests they are both found in two separate locations in the village. The stars on the map above show you those locations. For more details on getting each check the sub-headings below.

Where to Find the Maiden Crest

Image showing where to find the Maiden Crest in Resident Evil Village.

To find the Maiden Crest leave the door and head to the east along the path there. You will come across a building here. This building is an old church. Go inside the church and look for an altar. On this altar you will find the Maiden Crest. Pick it up to add the key item to your inventory.

Where to Find the Demon Crest

Image showing the Demon Crest in Resident Evil Village.

Leave the old church and continue heading to the east. You will come to the Fallow Fields are that has a bunch of tall grass. Cross the tall grass to reach a gate that is locked. Interact with the gate then go inside the house with the survivors. Go through the house and out the window. Go through the hole in the stone fence to the north so you are on the property that is behind the locked gate. Here you will find the Demon Crest in a locked outdoor offerings stand. To get at the crest open up the offering stand using the Screwdriver (see guide).

What to Do with Maiden and Demon Crests

Image showing the Maiden and Demon Crest door in Resident Evil Village.

Once you’ve acquired both the Maiden and Demon crests head back to the door to the west of the old church. Interact with the door and place the Maiden Crest in the left slot and Demon Crest in the right. Rotate the crests so the faces are looking at each other. This will unlock the door leading up to the castle.

That’s all you need to know to complete this puzzle in Resident Evil Village. This is just one of multiple guides we’ve put together for this popular horror title. Be sure to visit the Resident Evil Village guides tag to see what else we’ve written.

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