Resident Evil 8 Village Screwdriver Key Item Location Guide

There are a number of important items for players to uncover as they playthrough Resident Evil Village. These important items allow you to access new areas or unlock specific drawers and doors. One key item that is very important to acquire is the Screwdriver. This key item allows you to unscrew screws you encounter in the game. To help you find this item we’ve put together a quick Resident Evil Village Screwdriver location guide.

Where to Find the Screwdriver

The Screwdriver can be found in the Village building called Luiza’s House. You go to the building during the main story once you meet Elena and her father. After helping both get inside the father turns and attacks the survivors hiding out. Once this occurs the father then attacks you and Elena saves your life. After this cutscene you will be inside the garage area with a truck. Since the house is burning you need to find a way to escape.

To escape the burning house you need to find the Truck Keys. This item can be found inside the kitchen of Luiza’s House in the drawer to the left of the sink. Once you’ve grabbed the Truck Keys inspect them and unlatch the button on them to reveal the Screwdriver key item. This will add both the Truck Keys and Screwdriver to your inventory for later use.

That’s all you need to know to find the Screwdriver key item in Resident Evil Village. This item allows you to unscrew screws you encounter throughout the game. One of the screws you can remove gives you access to the Demon Crest which is needed to advance the game’s story. For more guides like this one see our Resident Evil Village hub.

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