How to Escape the Burning House in Resident Evil Village

In the Village map of Resident Evil Village you will encounter a group of survives in a house. During this interaction a villager will turn and the house will be lit on fire. After a cutscene in which you are saved by a shotgun wielding Elina you will be trapped in the burning house. Your objective is to escape. To help you do that here’s a quick guide on how to escape the burning house in Resident Evil Village.

Move That Truck

To escape from Luiza’s House you need to drive the Red Truck in the middle of the garage area. To drive this truck you need to find the Truck Keys. This key item can be found in the kitchen. Head to the location marked on the map above and open the door next to the sink. Inside you will find the Truck Keys. Inspect the item and interact with the button to receive the Screwdriver.

Once you have the keys return to the truck and get inside it via the open passenger door. In the truck interact with the ignition and use the Truck Keys to start it. Once the truck is running hit the ignition to drive forward. This triggers a cutscene.

Escape through the Attic Window

Image showing the attic window in Resident Evil Village

Getting the truck going doesn’t really do much to help you escape, but it does open a way up to the roof. This way up is the broken broken stairwell that you climb up after the truck crashes. Once on the upper floor follow Elina as she makes her way along the walkway. At the end of the walkway you will see some wood making a ramp up to the attic. Go up this ramp to trigger a cutscene. After this cutscene head out the attic window to reach a balcony on the outside of the house. Drop from the balcony to the ground to escape the burning house.

That’s all you need to know to escape from Luiza’s House when it is burning. Getting out of this building is necessary to continue along the main story. The Screwdriver is needed to acquire the Demon Crest that can be found next to the gate by the house. For more guides like this one see our Resident Evil Village walkthroughs page.

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