Resident Evil 4 Remake Hexagon-Shaped Slot

The Resident Evil 4 Remake Hexagon Puzzle is a puzzle player will encounter at the beginning of Chapter 2. This puzzle is located by the Abandoned Factory. To solve this puzzle you need to find the Hexagonal Emblem and place it correctly into the slot. To help you solve this puzzle see our Hexagon-Shaped Slot guide below.

Where to find the Hexagonal Emblem

When you try to interact with the Hexagon-Shaped Slot locked gate you will be unable to do anything with it. The problem is that we lack the proper key to open the gate. To get the proper key turn and walk up the path heading southeast to the Valley.

In the Valley you need to locate the Hexagonal Emblem. It is found on top of the roof of the house in the south-side of the Valley. To reach the emblem destroy the barrel by the window and jump through it. Climb the ladder to the roof and grab the Hexagonal Emblem from off the wooden (as shown in the screenshot).

Before leaving this building you may want to grab the Small Key inside of it. Be sure to check out our Small Key guide to find all eight Small Keys hidden throughout the game’s 16 chapters.

How to Insert the Hexagonal Emblem in the Hexagon-Shaped Slot Solution

Hexagonal Emblem in the Hexagon-Shaped Slot solution.
Place the handle in the bottom right to solve the puzzle.

Once you have the Hexagonal Emblem back track to the Hexagon-Shaped Slot. Approach the slot and interact with it to begin the puzzle. To solve this puzzle you need to rotate the emblem so that it fights correctly. To do this from first attempt do the following:

  1. Rotate left.
  2. Turn around.

You want to have the handle on the back emblem positioned in the bottom right. This ensure you have lined everything up correctly. When the emblem is properly fitted the handle pops out and you can hold it to open the door.

There are more puzzles coming up in the game. Be sure to check out our Chief’s Manor combination solution, the Cave puzzles solutions, and the Swords puzzle in the Castle. You can also check out our hub for Merchant Requests that shows you how to complete them all.

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