Resident Evil 4 Remake Castle Swords Puzzle Solution

Resident Evil 4 Remake Castle Swords Puzzle.

The Resident Evil 4 Remake Castle swords puzzle is a puzzle players encounter during Chapter 7 of the game. This puzzle can be found in the Treasury and request players to put the correct swords in their proper places. If you are stuck on this puzzle, or just want to know how to complete it, this guide walks you through the puzzle.

Treasury Swords Puzzle Solution

In the Treasury room you will find four portraits of knights with three having swords in them. Interact with each portrait that has a sword in it to get the Golden Sword, Rusted Sword, and the Iron Sword items.

Resident Evil 4 Remake Castle Swords Puzzle.
Shoot the highlighted gongs to open the gate.

After you’ve pulled all of the swords listed above turn to the left and walk over to the closed gate. Turn to the left of the gate and you will find a string you can pull. Pull the string and shoot the three gongs symbols on the gate lock. The symbols are Viper, Stag (above the string), and Eagle. Shoot the targets and the gate opens. Enter the room and pick up the Bloodied Sword from the statue.

Once you have all four swords return to the portraits. To solve this puzzle you need to place the proper swords in their correct portrait to tell the story of a knight. The order form left to right is: Iron, Golden, Bloodied, and Rusted. Place the four swords in their respective locations and the gate will open allowing you to venture deeper into the Castle.

Opening the gate lets you continue forward through Chapter 7. This allows you to venture further into the Castle level where more puzzles and enemies await you.

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