Remnant From the Ashes Reisum Dungeons List

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In the Subject 2923 DLC for Remnant: From the Ashes there is a new planet called Reisum. This planet is accessible during both the campaign mode and adventure modes. This planet features a number of new dungeons and bosses to find. To help you keep track of all the dungeons here’s our Reisum dungeons list.


  • Reisum is one map in Adventure Mode. This map always has a mini-boss dungeon, world boss, and event dungeon.
  • You can narrow down what dungeon you are entering by observing the entrance to the dungeon. Each dungeon takes place within a certain environment, which is directly reflected in its entrance.

Reisum Boss Dungeons

Image showing the Preisum world boss duo of Brudvaak and Vargr in Subject 2923 of Remnant From the Ashes.

Like the previous planets the dungeons on Resium are split up the same way. You will encounter either a mini-boss dungeon which is typically a dungeon you pass through into the boss dungeon, world boss dungeons, and an event dungeon. Below are the names of the dungeons that feature bosses.

  • Wuthering Keep (Boat): Pass through dungeon to The Sundered Court.
  • The Wild Reach (Boat): Pass through dungeon to the Den of the Jackal.
  • Valenhaag Mines (Cave): Pass through this cave to reach The Chasmic Vent.

Always explore the dungeons leading to the mini-boss dungeons as they often have a Trinket in them. These Trinkets appear to be somewhat random so it is in you best interest to explore these area until you have everything.

Reisum No Boss Dungeons

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Alongside the dungeons listed above there are a number of chllanege dungeons you can complete to get rewards or key items that will help you somewhere else. These dungeons always dead-end. The Resium no boss dungeons are as follows:

  • Chillwind Hovel (Hub Checkpoint): Emin mother in cave nearby. She sells a variety of items including the Scavenger’s Ring.
  • Felmourn Burrow (Hub Checkpoint): This checkpoint has a nearby burrow you can enter. Inside this burrow find the secret door to reach Frostborne (melee).
  • Magir’s Dirge (Cave): In this dungeon destroy all five purple totems to get the Vulcan’s Detonator (Amulet).
  • Watcher’s Hollow (Boat): Dungeon that contains the Servant Cage Key at the end of it. This key opens a cage in the dungeon that has slaves inside it. Kill the slaves to get the Creeper’s Peeper key item that can be placed in the rat statue in the hub to access a room featuring the Twin Shot (pistol).
  • Grave of the Elders (Cave): This is a two part cave. The cave is a path that leads to the second cave area. In the second cave area there a survival sequence you must complete to reach a room that has a Trinket inside.
  • The Frieran Sea (Boat): Shipwreck containing NPC merchant/quest giver called Sebum. Sells the Sawed-Off, two rings, and gives the Warlord Armor set when quest is completed properly.
  • Judgement’s Spear (Boat): There is a Scavenger armor set puzzle at the end of this dungeon. Complete this puzzle to unlock the Scavenger Armor set.

These are all of the Remnant From the Ashes Reisum Dungeons you will encounter in both the campaign and Adventure Mode. I included a couple of special hub checkpoints you can randomly get as these also have special events/npcs attached to them. You will want to try and complete each and every dungeon to get all the equipment and items in game.

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