How to Get Frostborne in Subject 2923 – Remnant From the Ashes

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Remnant From the Ashes second DLC, Subject 2923, added an entirely new campaign to the game that rounded out the story. Alongside this story closure the DLC introduced a new planet, new armor, new enemies, new bosses, and even new weapons. One of the new weapons is a frost axe called Frostborne. To get this weapon for yourself use our how to get Frostborne in Subject 2923 guide below.

Roll Hub Checkpoint Felmourn Burrow

Image showing the Felmourn checkpoint in Subject 2923 of Remnant From the Ashes.

Before you can go after this weapon you need to get the hub checkpoint it is attached to to appear on your Reisum map. This means rolling either the Campaign or Adventure Mode until you encounter the Felmourn Burrow checkpoint. Once you have this checkpoint you can begin the hunt for Frostborne.

Find Frotsborne in Secret Room of the Felmourn Burrow

Image showing where to go in Felmourn Burrow to find the Frostborne weapon.

Around the Felmourn Burrow checkpoint you will see a hut and a bridge. Inside the hut there is a note with some clues about the location of FrostBorne. Read this note if you like then head across the bridge and take the stairs down into the room with a table that has multiple scrolls on it.

Image showing where to go in Felmourn Burrow to find the Frostborne weapon.

In this room you can read the notes for more information about the location of Frostborne. Once you’ve read the notes you will notice a room nearby. You can go inside this room and loot the chests for resources if you like. With that said the direction we want to head is to the left where there is a bookshelf. Destroy the bookshelf to reveal a secret passage.

Frostborne Location and Weapon Mod

Image showing the Frostborne axe in Subject 2923.

Crouch and enter the secret passage. Follow this secret passage all the way to the end to reach a room with an altar. On this altar is the Frostborne axe. Grab the weapon off the altar to add it to your inventory. The Frostborne has the following weapon mod:

  • Cold Strike: Strikes apply Frostbite stacks. Charge attacks apply 2 stacks per hit.

That’s all you need to know about where and how to get the Frostborne axe in Remnant From the Ashes Subject 2923 DLC. This is just one of many new weapons they introduced in this DLC update.

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