How to Get the Warlord Armor in Subject 2923 – Remnant From the Ashes

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Subject 2923 added a new campaign to Remnant From the Ashes that rounded out the game’s story. Alongside this story conclusion there are a number of new additions to the title including new armor. One armor set players can now get is called the Warlord set. To get this set use our how to get the Warlord armor in Subject 2923 guide below.

Meet NPC Sebum in The Frieran Sea

Image showing the NPC called Sebum in Subject 2923 of Remnant From the Ashes.

To star this quest you will first need to enter either a campaign or Reisum adventure mode that has rolled the dungeon called The Frieran Sea. Once you’ve rolled this dungeon you will need to make your way to the shipwreck in the center. On the deck of the shipwreck is a two-headed NPC called Sebum.

Looking into the hull of Sebum's ship in Subject 2923.

Sebum is a little bit crazy and will be talking to itself about hunting the Packmaster. Agree to hunt and return the tusk of the Packmaster for Sebum and exit the ship. Before heading out to hunt this beast head along the side of the ship to the scaffolding at the bow. Climb the scaffolding so you are standing next to a hole looking into the ship. Look through the hole to see the armor set.

Where to Find the Packmaster

Image showing the Packmaster enemy in Subject 2923 of Remnant From the Ashes.

I found the Packmaster randomly walking around in the hub of my world. These large tusked-yeti looking creatures appear randomly as tougher enemies (when there’s a ding). Simply find and kill one of these enemies to receive the Packmaster’s Tusk. Once you have the Packmaster’s Tusk head back to The Frieran Sea.

Bargain For the Warlord Armor

Image showing how to bargain to get the Warlord armor set in Subject 2923

Important: Do not just give the Tusk to Sebum if you want the armor set. Instead ensure you’ve looked at the set through the bow. This allows you to bargain with Sebum when you turn the Packmaster’s Tusk in to him.

Getting the armor is not as straightforward as just giving the Packmaster’s Tusk to Sebum. If you select the option “I found the Packmaster here’s its tusk. [GIVE TUSK]” they will simple give you ~2k Scrap for your efforts. If you want to get the armor you need to have looked at it through the hole in the ship’s bow as mentioned above. Once you do this a new text option will appear where you say “What about that armor below deck?” Ask this question and follow up with “This Tusk, for that armor. [GIVE TUSK]” Once Sebum agrees to the deal head below deck and enter the armor room to get the set.

Warlord Armor Set Bonus

The three piece Warlord Armor set has the Armor Set Bonus called Deathwish. With this bonus players gain the following passive skill:

“Dragon Hearts are no longer consumed for healing. They instead increase Ranged and Melee damage, grant lifesteal, and drain 200% health over 30s. Kills heal 5% over 3s.”

  • One Piece: +10% Damage, +1% Lifesteal.
  • Two Pieces: +25% Damage, +2% Lifesteal.
  • Three Pieces: +40% Damage, +3.5% Lifesteal.

That’s all you need to know to get the Warlord armor for yourself. This armor set is focused around risk/reward with emphasis on dealing a ton of damage while taking damage at the same time. Given the huge increase in damage the set can provide it will be interesting to see what builds the community makes around it.

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