Subject 2923 Boss List with Alternate Kills – Remnant From the Ashes

In the new campaign for Remnant From the Ashes, Subject 2923, there are a number new bosses for players to fight. These bosses are located in the new areas of the game you will visit while searching for the titular Subject 2923. To help keep track of all of the bosses in this new update here’s the complete Subject 2923 boss list.

Note: Alternative kills (if any) still WIP.

Quick Subject 2923 Boss List

  • Obryk, The Shield Warden.
  • Ikro, the Ice Conjurer.
  • Erfor, The Jackal.
  • Tian, the Assassin.
  • Brudvaak and Vargr.
  • Harsgaard.

You will not see every boss on this list during a single play-through of either the Campaign or Adventure Mode. This means you need to do repeated runs to find and defeat them all. Use our guide for help with dungeons on the Reisum planet.

Obryk, The Shield Warden

Image showing the Obryk, The Shield Warden boss in Subject 2923 of Remnant From the Ashes.

Dungeon: Exile’s Trench > The Warden’s Prison.

The boss you will fight in The Warden’s Prison dungeon is called Obryk, The Shield Warden. As the name of this boss suggests it wields two shields as its weapons. A new mechanic in this DLC is Frostbite which these bosses can all inflict. Obryk is no exception.

  • Normal Kill: Defeat Obryk normally to get the Obrytk’s Bracelet item. This item can be crafted into the Frozen Mist weapon mod back at Ward 13.

Ikro, the Ice Conjurer

Image showing the Ikro, the Ice Conjurer boss in Subject 2923 in Remnant From the Ashes.

Location: Wuthering Keep > The Sundered Court.

The boss in The Sundered Court is called Ikro, the Ice Conjurer. This boss is a mage type that uses ice spells to deal frostbite damage to you. While in this fight the boss will summon a Conjured Ice sphere that has its own health bar.

  • Normal Kill: This unlocks the Glacial Scepter material item that can be turned in for the Blizzard weapon mod back at Ward 13.

Erfor, The Jackal

Image showing the Erfor, The Jackal boss in Subject 2923 of Remnant From the Ashes.

Location: The Wild Reach > Den of the Jackal.

Located in the Den of the Jackal dungeon is the boss called Erfor, The Jackal. This boss spends the majority of its time spawning adds that will attack the player while being safely on ledges out of the way.

  • Normal Kill: Defeat Erfor normally to get the Jackal’s Ivory material which can be turned into the Cold Spear weapon mod at Ward 13.

Tian, the Assassin

Image showing the Tian, the Assassin boss in Subject 2923 of Remnant From the Ashes.

Dungeon: Valenhaag Mines > The Chasmic Vent.

Tian, the Assassin is the boss you will encounter inside The Chasmic Vent dungeon which is reached at the end of the Valenhaag Mines. This boss wields daggers and jumps around the arena during the fight. Tian will also call in adds randomly via a whistle.

  • Normal Kill: Defeat Tian to receive the Silver Fragment material. This material can be used to create the Fan of Knives weapon mod back at Ward 13.

Brudvaak and Vargr

Image showing the Brudvaak and Vargr boss in Subject 2923 in Remnant From the Ashes.

Dungeon: The Crimson Hold (World Boss).

In The Crimson Hold dungeon you will encounter the bosses Brudvaak and Vargr. This boss fight tasks you with defeating two bosses at once. These bosses together have the ability to attack with a mixture of melee and ranged attacks. If you need clarity on who is who, Brudvaak is the rider and Vargr is the creature.

Vargr Killed First: Kill Vargr first to get the Steel of Agony material. This item can be turned into the Chain Blade (Melee) in Ward 13.

Brudvaak Killed First: Kill Brudvaak first to get the Cold Cell material. This item can be turned into the Alternator (Long Gun) in Ward 13.

Fight works almost exactly like Ornstein and Smough from Dark Souls. Whichever one you kill first causes the other to become enraged during the second phase.


Image showing the Harsgaard boss in the Subject 2923 DLC for Remnant From the Ashes.

Dungeon: Ward Prime Portal (Campaign End Boss).

The final boss you will fight during the Subject 2923 campaign is called Harsgaard. This boss is accessed via a portal in the Ward Prime area. This portal is opened by Subject 2923. Like the the end boss in the other campaign this boss has two phases you need to complete in-order to defeat it. Once you do defeat Harsgaard you will have completed the campaign.

  • Normal Kill: Defeat Harsgaard to receive the Root Neoplasm. This material can be turned in for the World’s Edge (Melee) back at Ward 13.

This concludes our list of all the bosses in the Subject 2923 update for Rmenant From the Ashes. Overall there is a nice collection of weapon mods and weapons you can earn by defeating each of them. Guns like the Alternator are especially good so prioritize getting it as soon as you can.

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