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Subject 2923 of Remnant From the Ashes adds a number of new additions to the game including new weapons, new armor sets, and new weapon mods. The new weapon mods in this DLC update can be acquired by defeating certain bosses and turning in materials they drop. To help you get at all of these new items use our Subject 2923 Weapon Mods list below.

Subject 2923 Weapon Mods List

Image showing the Blizzard Weapon Mod in Remnant From the Ashes.

There are a number of new Weapon Mods for players to unlock in Remnant From the Ashes thanks to the new Subject 2923 DLC. These Weapon Mods are mainly unlocked by defeating the new bosses in the Reisum planet. To craft the mods speak to McCabe when you have the boss materials. She will present any available craftable items to you.

Very Good Boy (Rohm): Pet the very good boy on Rohm next to the Wasteland Merchant to get this new weapon mod.

  • What it Does: Summons a VERY GOOD BOY that deals 80 damage per bit. Pet the dog to increase his damage dealt by 5% for 60 seconds. Lasts 72 seconds. (Max 1).

Frozen Mist (Reisum): Defeat Obryk, the Shield Warden boss in the Exile’s Trench dungeon to receive the Obryk’s Bracelet material. Turn in material in Ward 13 for this weapon mod.

  • What it Does: Fires a projectile that deals 20 FROST damage, releases a freezing cloud that lasts 12 seconds, and applies FROSTBITE to enemies within 3 meters. Applies 3 stacks with a direct hit.

Fan of Knives (Reisum): Defeat Tian, the Assassin in The Chasmic Vent dungeon to receive the Silver Fragment material. Turn in material in Ward 13 for this weapon mod.

  • What it Does: Throw a fan of 7 knives that deal 40 damage each and apply the BLEEDING effect dealing 400 damage over 20 seconds.

Blizzard (Reisum): Defeat Ikro, the Ice Conjurer in The Sundered Court dungeon to receive the Glacial Scepter material. Turn in material in Ward 13 for this weapon mod.

  • What it Does: Casts a storm cloud that rains icicles as it travels forward up to 30 meters. Icicles deal 60 FROST damage each and apply FROSTBITE to enemies within 2 meters.

Cold Spear (Reisum): Defeat Erfor, The Jackal in Den of the Jackal dungeon to receive the Jackal’s Ivory material. Turn in material in Ward 13 for this weapon mod.

  • What it Does: Throw an ice spear that deals 100 FROST damage within 3.5 meters and applies 3 stacks of FROSTBITE. Direct hits apply the FROZEN effect.

That’s all of the Subject 2923 weapon mods we’ve discovered so far. If you find any mods that are new to this DLC content that I’ve not listed above let me know and I will add them. Of the mods listed above which do you find the strongest? Weakest? Let me know in the commnets below.

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