How to Get the Scavenger Armor in Subject 2923 – Remnant From the Ashes

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In Remnant From the Ashes Subject 2923 there are a couple of new armor sets players can earn. These new armor sets are earned by completing new dungeons on the planet of Reisum. One of the sets you can earn is called the Scavenger armor set. To help you find and acquire this armor set, use our how to get the Scavenger Armor in Subject 2923 guide below.

Roll a Run Until You Get the Judgement’s Spear Dungeon

Image showing the location of the Salvager armor set in Subject 2923 of Remnant From the Ashes.

Before being able to get the Scavenger Armor in Subject 2329 you need to roll the Campaign or Reisum Adventure Mode until you get the Judgement’s Spear dungeon to appear in a playthrough. This has to be done as the dungeon contains the armor puzzle at the end of it. Once you have this dungeon active make your way to the end of it to reach a puzzle you need to solve.

How to Solve the Judgement’s Spear Armor Puzzle

Image showing the rat to select to get the proper

Note: If you press a wrong switch one of the platforms an armor piece is on will fall. This allows you to make multiple selections to try and get into the room. Three wrong choices mean all three pieces are gone. With that said as Simp pointed out in the comments you can quit out to the main menu and reload your game to reset the puzzle.

If you approach the three armor pieces and try to enter the room a number of spikes will shoot out of the entrance way and kill you. This will reset you back to the checkpoint and the spikes will stay out blocking the armor room doorway.

To get past this puzzle you need to push the correct switch from among the eight statues standing outside the room. To determine the correct statue you need to find the following attributes read from a nearby stone inscriptions. These attributes change each time:

  • Tail or not.
  • Broken Crown or not.
  • Missing fingers or hand.
  • Skull on shoulder or not.

When you find the statue matching the nearby stone inscription push the switch at the base of it. If you push the correct switch it will deactivate the spikes allowing you to enter the room. You will then be able to loot the armor pieces.

Scavenger Armor Set Bonus

The three piece Scavenger Armor set has the Armor Set Bonus called Salvager. With this bonus players gain the following passive skill:

“Ammo, Iron, Scrap pickups increase Total Ranged and Melee damage dealt. Stacks 10x. Lasts 60s. At or below 50% Health, pickups grant 2 stacks. Taking direct damage removes 5 stacks. Pulls Scrap and Iron materials towards wearer.”

  • One Piece: +0.5% Damage per stack.
  • Two Pieces: +1% Damage per stack.
  • Three Pieces: +2% Damage per stack..

That’s all you need to know to get the Scavenger armor for yourself. This armor set is focused towards farming with the loot magnet it has. With that said I could see some interesting builds being used to really boost damage using strategic material farming.

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12 responses

  1. Gwillys says:

    Yo there are 2 statues with skull shoulder/no tail/ cracked helm. Must be a 4th trait to differentiate… ill post again if i find out. But i chose the one further away from the door. Fail

  2. Zootsuit says:

    its the statue with the skull shoulder plate no tail and a cracked helmet ive done the quest 5 run throughs back to back with randoms and picking the statue matching that description works every time.

  3. Jordan Doux says:

    I’ve already launch about 20 adventures and still not found the armor. Is it really possible to find it in adventure mode?

  4. meck104 says:

    pushed a random button since i couldnt read the runes. no armor fell down so i thought i deactivated the spears. tried to get in, got killed by the spears. i quit to main menu, reloaded the puzzle but the spears were still there, so i started to push all the buttons at the statue. the 3rd button deactivated the spears and i could enter and grab all 3 armor pieces. not the way its supposed to be done, but worked fine for me.

  5. Mandurs says:

    My game also didn’t let me read the inscription, but I found another way to do the puzzle. You can eliminate statues if it is the same as another statue, because there cant be more than one correct solution. I did this process and found there was only one unique statue, and it was the correct answer.

  6. Simp says:

    Yeah so this didn’t work for me and my friends at all, we pressed the button on a perfect statue (had tail, crown, and all his fingers) and the button pressed but the door didn’t open, then we pressed a random one across from it and it gave us the armor, also if you drop a piece of the set you can quit to main menu and come back to reset the puzzle and get back any armor you dropped. So it looks like it’s randomized. Cheers.

  7. Kyanner says:

    On the runes to the left it tells the story of the warlord, within the story it states that the Rat has the following qualities:

    The Rat is missing a tail
    The Rat has a broken Crown
    The Rat has taken the skull of this enemy and put it in at an entrance

    You need to find the Rat that matches the qualities above.

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