Remnant 2 Oracle of Dran Quilt

The Remnant 2 Oracle of Dran quilt is an in-world progress tracking device created by the Oracle of Dran NPC at the Oracle’s Refuge location in Losomn. This quilt tracks the different bosses and events that the host has completed in Losomn. Filling in the quilt means you’ve seen almost everything in the world and it gives you a special consumable item as a reward. To keep track of everything on the Remnant 2 Oracle of Dran quilt, see our guide below.

Oracle of the Dran Location in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Oracle of Dran old lady NPC.
This old lady is the Oracle of Dran.

The Oracle of the Dran NPC can sometimes be found in the Browithe Quarter, Morrow Parish, and Forsaken Quarter biomes. She is located in the building called Oracle’s Refuge. To get inside the building use the large wooden ladder leading up to the main floor. In the large room you will find her sitting among Dran children. She will not speak to you until you complete her quest.

After you’ve completed her quest to find the missing Dran children she will speak to you. One of the topics she discusses is the long quilt that she is working on. The Oracle of Dran’s quilt contains 12 squares that fill with different images as you progress through the different bosses and world events in Losomn.

What are the Squares on the Oracle of the Dran Quilt in Remnant 2

To complete a square on the Oracle of the Dran Quilt’s quilt you need to complete certain events and boss fight in Losomn. This means you will need to complete a number of playthroughs of the starting world to get everything listed on it. To keep track of the different squares I’ve put together the table below. The squares on it are in their positions on the quilt and what you need to complete to unlock them.

Postulant’s Parlor Game (Event)Dreamweaver (Boss)Find Dria (Event)
Bloat King (Boss)Magister Dullian (Boss)Council (Boss/Event)
Wisp/Man in the Sewers (Event)Gwendyl: the Unburnt (Boss)Fearin/Faelin (Boss)
The Feast (Event)The Red Prince (Boss/Event)The Burning (Event)

As you complete the various events and boss fights listed above you will begin to see icons appear on the quilt. These icons each take up one square. Once you’ve completed the quilt you can speak to Oracle of the Dran to get your reward for completing it.

Oracle of the Dran Quilt Completed Reward in Remnant 2

When you complete everything on the quilt you will receive a special reward from the Oracle of the Dran. She will give you the All-Seeing Eye, infinite use, consumable. The All-Seeing Eye consumable has the following description:

“It’s looking at you, but that’s not what bothers you about it. It sees the future somehow, but that doesn’t bother you either. What bothers you is this question you’ve been asking yourself since she gave it to you. Who did this eye belong to?”

“Folks are always asking me if their future can be changed. Of course it can, dear-that’s why you came to me in the first place. The future’s just the present stretched and unraveled. The question isn’t can you change it, but will you?”

When the All-Seeing Eye consumable is used players gain a random buff or debuff for 6 minutes. The buff/debuff is called All-Seeing Eye. You can see it’s effect on your character menu in the top left corner. After the 6 minutes are up the consumable can be used again.

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