Remnant 2 Council Chamber

The Remnant 2 Council Chamber is biome players can visit in the Losomn world. This location is home to Council Chamber who asks the player for help in determining who is the imposter among the council. To help you solve this quest here’s a guide to the Remnant 2 Council Chamber event.

Where to Find the Council in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Council Chamber council location.
The council is in the large round room.

To find the council you need to access the Council Chamber. This can be done using the Magic Quill in the Beatific Palace. Once you reach this location you can speak to the council in the Council Chamber room by standing on the podium in the center of the big circular room.

What Does the Council Want in Remnant 2

The council is made up of three Feas: Savan, Oniril, and Nyele. When you interact with them tell them where you are from. Continue the dialogue until you are asked to help them. One of the council members is an imposter and you, being an outsider, could provide an unbiased perspective to the investigation.

Council Chamber Walkthrough for Remnant 2

To complete the quest you need to determine who is the imposter on the council. To do this you need to find a specific item in Council Chamber map. Go to the very end room where you will find the mysterious portal. Use this portal to go to the Council Tribunal area.

In the Council Tribunal area you will find a number of clues. Most of these clues come from various books strewn about the location. If you are into sleuthing yourself, read each book and keep track of any clues that pop out to you.

Council Tribunal Council Seat Puzzle

Remnant 2 Tribunal Council Council Chamber puzzle solution.
Match the colored keys with their reflections.

As you advance through the Council Tribunal you will reach the Council Chamber, but there are no council members. Instead you need to solve a puzzle on the pillars that support their seats. To solve the puzzle look into the reflection below the seats to see what color the pillar key should be. Take the keys and place the correct colors in each spot. Doing this opens the door behind the seats.

Go through the opened door to reach the One True King. Climb up to behind his throne so you are standing at the base of his head. In his neck jabbed the Assassin Dagger. Pull the dagger out to retrieve this quest item. Inspect it and make a note of the color of gem that is in the hilt.

Accusing the Council Member

Remnant 2 Assassin Dagger used as proof.
Give the dagger to back up your accusation.

Once you’ve explored enough head back to the mirror portal and return to the Council Chamber. Go back to the council and tell them that you wish to make an accusation. Whichever color the gemstone is in the handle of the Assassin Dagger is the imposter. The imposter will be different for every player, so there is no way for me to tell you exactly who did it in your game. With that said if you inspect the dagger you will know and can make the correct accusation:

  • Savan = Teal with diamond crest.
  • Oniril = Red with eye symbol.
  • Nyele = Purple with flower symbol.

When you know who did it, you can tell the council or not. If you are making a correct accusation give the Dagger as proof when prompted. See our Council Accusation guide for details.

This quest yields two different rewards depending on the success of your accusation. If you get it right you get something and if you get it wrong you get something else. See below for further details.

Council Chamber Accusation Rewards

NOTE: There is an alternative function for the Assassin Dagger Quest Item. Instead of giving it to the council as evidence. You can take it to Nimue at Nimue’s Retreat to make the Assassin’s Dagger Melee Weapon. This weapon can be used to kill The Red Prince to earn the Crown of the Red Prince helmet.

To get the two rewards from the Council Chamber you need to either accuse the imposter correctly or fail. If you accuse them correctly there is no boss fight and you receive the Ornate Blade (weapon).

If you accuse incorrectly you have to fight the Council. Defeat the Council to receive the Fae Protector Signet (Ring) and some Scrap. Regardless, of which you reward choose you will need to complete another playthrough to get the reward you missed.

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