Remnant 2 Crown of the Red Prince

Image contains the Crown of the Red Prince equipped on the character.

The Remnant 2 Crown of the Red Prince head armor is a special piece players can get by defeating the Red Prince a certain way. This head piece is lightweight, features its own unique design, and offers interesting resistance to Fire and Blight. For details on how to get this item in Remnant 2, see our Crown of the Red Prince head armor guide below.

How to Unlock the Assassin’s Dagger in Remnant 2

Getting the Remnant 2 Asssassin's Dagger from Nimue in Nimue's Retreat.
Take the Assassin Dagger Quest Item to Nimue.

Before you can proceed any further in the unlock process you must first unlock a special weapon called the Assassin’s Dagger. To get this weapon you first need to acquire the Assassin Dagger Quest Item during the Council Chamber dungeon. During this dungeon you will pull one of three daggers from the neck of the One True King. Instead of using the dagger to make your accusation take it to Nimue at Nimue’s Retreat and craft the Assassin’s Dagger Melee Weapon.

How to Unlock the Crown of the Red Prince in Remnant 2

Unlocking the Crown of the Red Prince helmet in Remnant 2.
Use the dagger to defeat the Red Prince to receive his crown.

Once you’ve acquired the Assassin’s Dagger melee weapon go and fight the Red Prince. During the Red Prince fight use the dagger to deliver the killing blow. When you deliver the killing blow using the dagger you receive the Crown of the Red Prince helmet.

Crown of the Red Prince Details & Stats

Item Description: “That the One True King suffered the young prince to live despite his attempted coup is a curious thing. Either the king thought exile a punishment graver than death…or his mercy bespoke that which he dared not otherwise admit.”

This helmet is not part of any armor set. It is a standalone piece. The helmet has a 8 Armor rating and Weight of 5. Additionally, when this piece is equipped players gain stats +25 Fire Resistance and + 13 Blight resistance while losing -6 Bleed, -6 Shock, and -6 Toxin resistances.

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