Remnant 2 Council Accusation

The Remnant 2 Council Accusation event is an event players can complete in the Council Chamber biome of Losomn. During this event players must determine which of the council members is an impostor. There are two possible outcomes to this event with different rewards. The guide below walks you through both the correct and incorrect Remnant 2 Council Accusation.

How to Determine Which Council Member is the Imposter in Remnant 2

To determine who the imposter on the council is you need to acquire a specific item called the Assassin Dagger. This dagger is located in the Council Tribunal area’s Throne Room where The One True King sits in his throne, dead.

The dagger item we need is stuck in the back of the king’s neck and you must climb up and retrieve it. For more details on how to get to this room and get the item you can read our Council Chamber guide.

Learning the Council Member that is the Imposter

Once you’ve retrieved the dagger your next step is to examine it in your inventory. While examining the dagger look at the bottom of the hilt. It will have one of three possible gems embedded in it which gives us the details needed to make the correct accusation.

The council member and their corresponding gem/symbol are as follows:

  • Savan = Teal with diamond crest.
  • Oniril = Red with eye symbol.
  • Nyele = Purple with mirrored flower-like symbol.

This means if the dagger hilt has a teal gem with a diamond crest on it, accuse Savan, If it has a red gem with an eye symbol, accuse Oniril. If it has a purple gem and a mirrored flower-like symbol, accuse Nyele.

NOTE: There is an alternative use for the Assassin Dagger Quest Item. Instead of giving it to the council as evidence. You can take it to Nimue at Nimue’s Retreat to make the Assassin’s Dagger Melee Weapon. This weapon serves the purpose of eliminating The Red Prince, allowing you to obtain the Crown of the Red Prince helmet.

What Happens if you Make the Correct Council Imposter Accusation

If you correctly expose the council member that is the imposter the other two council members will kill them immediately. There is no boss fight and the council thanks you for helping them discover the truth. As a reward for assisting in the investigation the council gives you the Ornate Blade (weapon).

What Happens if you Make the Wrong Council Imposter Accusation

If you incorrectly accuse the council member you will trigger a boss fight against all three of the Council. You will need to complete this boss fight to finish the event. If you manage to defeat them you are awarded with the Fae Protector Signet (Ring) and some Scrap. This ring increases Max Health and Stamina by 10 and reduces Encumbrance by 5.

To get both rewards requires completing this event over two playthroughs. Each playthrough you should pursue the reward you have not yet attained from event completion.

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