Remnant 2 Man in the Sewers

The Remnant 2 Man in the Sewers event is a special event players can complete in the Tiller’s Rest dungeon in Losomn. This event tasks you with tracking down a wisp for a mysterious man lurking in a sewer grate. Completing this event earns players rewards. To complete it use our Remnant 2 Man in the Sewers guide below.

Where to Start the Man in the Sewers Event in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Many in the Sewer location.
The man in the sewer appears on your map.

As you explore the Tiller’s Rest dungeon you will encounter a man behind a sewer grate. This man beckonsb for you to come closer to him. Approach the stranger and interact with him when prompted. When you do this he pulls you towards him. He then explains that there is a strange light in the dungeon.

If you keep talking to him he will also mention the Monster in the Drain event players can trigger randomly in Losomn. This event leads getting the Academinc’s Set, Drakestone Pearl ring, and the Mysterious Stone crafting material.

Where to Find the Wisp and What to do With It in Remnant 2

To complete this event you need to track down the strange light in the dungeon. As you go through the dungeon be on the lookout for a large glowing wisp. When you find the wisp approach it. The wisp will enter your character and you will emit a bright glow.

Once you’ve been possessed by the wisp head back to the Man in the Sewers. When you get close to the sewer grate the wisp will exit your body. It will float around a bit and then disappear, leaving behind Spirit Wisp Amulet.

Possible Man in The Sewers Event Rewards in Remnant 2

After you’ve picked up the Amulet you have two options. The first option is to give the Amulet to the Man in the Sewer. He will thank you for giving it to him and will give you the Outcast Ring for your troubles.

If that option is not appealing you can also keep the Amulet instead. Simply don’t speak to the man or speak to him and deny his request to keep the Amulet in your inventory.

Completing this event adds the Man in the Sewers/Wisp event to the Oracle of Dran’s Quilt. You can also complete other events in the Sewer dungeons such as Flooded Sewer, Safe, and Severed Hand.

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