Remnant 2 Faelin and Faerin

The Remnant 2 Faelin and Faerin characters are both bosses you can fight in the Losomn One True King questline. These characters are both world bosses and you have to defeat to one of them to advance the story. Unlike other world bosses there are two of them, and you get to choose which one you want to fight. To learn more about the Remnant 2 Faelin and Faerin bosses, see our guide below.

Where to Find Faelin and Faerin in Remnant 2

Faelin and Faerin both exist in the same locations, but in different world states. As part of the main storyline you collect two masks to complete a mural. This mural allows you to switch between the two world states. Switching world states allows you to visit either Faelin or Faerin to speak to them or fight one of them. The locations of the Faelin and Faerin bosses are:

  • Faerin is located in the Malefic Gallery.
  • Faelin is located in the Beatific Gallery.

It’s important to note that you can only fight one of these bosses per playthrough. You have to decide which one you want to fight. If you want to get all possible rewards from them you will fight both over the course of two runs.

What are the Rewards from Faelin and Faerin in Remnant 2

What you get from defeating either Faelin or Faerin depends on which of the bosses you choose to fight. Both bosses have their own drops, with each giving specific loot. One item that they do both share is the Strange Object quest item, which is needed to advance the storyline. The unique item drops from the Faelin and Faerin bosses are:

  • If Faerin Defeated: Melded Hilt crafting material and Faelin’s Sigil ring.
  • If Faelin Defeated: Imposter’s Heart crafting material and Faerin’s Sigil ring.

Both the rings area acquired by speaking to the boss you didn’t fight. They will give you their ring for helping to defeat the other one. Getting both rings requires separate playthroughs.

How to Make the One True King Sigil in Remnant 2

If you collect both the Faelin’s Sigil and the Faerin’s Sigil you can combined them together to make the One True King Sigil Amulet. To do this take both rings to Nimue at Nimue’s Retreat. Speak to her and ask to see what she can craft. Among the selection you will find the One True King Sigil. Keep in mind that creating this item destroys both rings.

The One True King Sigil Amulet, when equipped, gives players increased Mod damage by 20%. It also enhances the effect of Faerin’s Sigil and Faelin’s Sigil by 50% per Sigil equipped. To get the benefits of the second bonus you need to acquire both rings again.

The One True King Sigil Amulet also has a second purpose. This Amulet allows players to find the Unsullied Heart Relic which is hidden inside of a certain statue in the Beatific Palace. This statue responds if you wear the Amulet near it.

Defeating Faelin or Faerin as the world host completes the One True King square on the Oracle of Dran’s Quilt.

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