Remnant 2 Oracle of the Dran

Remnant 2 Oracle of Dran NPC.

The Remnant 2 Oracle of the Dran is an old lady NPC that is located in the Brocwithe Quarter, Morrow Parish, or Forsaken Quarter. This NPC, when you first meet her, is using a knitting machine in a room full of blind children. If you attempt to speak to her she does not speak. To get her to become interactive you must complete a specific quest for her in the area.

Oracle of the Dran Location in Remnant 2

The Oracle of the Dran NPC can sometimes be found in the Browithe Quarter, Morrow Parish, and Forsaken Quarter biomes. She is located in the building called Oracle’s Refuge. To get inside the building use the large wooden ladder leading up to the main floor. In the large room you will find her sitting among Dran children. She will not speak to you until you complete her quest.

Oracle of the Dran Quest in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 Lost Dran Child.
A lost Dran Child.

To get the old knitting lady to speak to you, you need to complete a specific quest in the area. This quest is to locate two lost Dran children in the biome. These children are located outside of the Oracle’s Refuge walls, so you will want to open the gate before you go looking for them. Once you’ve found a child interact with them and follow them back to Oracle’s Refuge.

Upon returning the two lost children the Oracle of Dran will speak to you and thank you for bringing the children back to her. She will give you a different reward depending on the storyline you are in.

The One True King Storyline

As a reward she gives you the Recovery trait for your help. The Recovery trait increases Stamina regen per second when levelled up. It costs a Trait Point to level up. Max level is Level 10.

The Asylum Storyline

When you speak to her in this storyline you will receive a special relic called the Quilted Heart. This relic does not provide standard healing. Instead, on use, it negates Stamina Drain and causes evade to heal for 15 health of 0.25seconds.

Oracle of the Dran’s Tapestry/Quilt

Remnant 2 Oracle of Dran tapestry.
The tapestry fills in as you complete world events.

When you speak to the Oracle of Dran she tells you about the quilt she is working on. This tapestry is unique for the host player because it shows the progress the player has made in Losomn. There are 12 squares on the tapestry that fill in as you complete the different encounters across the world’s biomes.

If you fill in the full tapestry you receive the special infinite All-Seeing Eye consumable. When All-Seeing Eye is used the player receives a random buff or debuff on use.

This is not the only puzzle hiding in the Losomn world of Remnant 2. There is a mysterious clocktower and matching smaller clock that players can solve to gain items. See our Remnant 2 Clocktower Puzzle guide for details.

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