Remnant 2 The Burning

Player receiving the Shadeskin Trait for completing The Burning Event in the Butcher's Quarter.

Remnant 2 The Burning is a special event players can take part in while exploring the Butcher’s Quarter biome of Losomn. This event sees a character about to be burned alive. You can decide to stop the burning or not. Both choices give different rewards. To help you understand both outcomes and rewards, see our Remnant 2 The Burning event below.

Where to Start The Burning Event in Remnant 2

Remnant 2 The Burning Event location.
The Burning event location.

The Burning event occurs in the Butcher’s Quarter of Losomn. In this dungeon you will hear a character begging for an angry mob to stop. This angry mob wants to burn the man. When you reach the area where it is happening you can decide whether to watch the burning or stop the burning before it happens. Both outcomes yield different rewards for the player.

The Burning Event Outcomes and Rewards in Remnant 2

The Burning Event features two possible choices for players to make. Depending on the choice they make determines what rewards the player receives. The choices and rewards are as follows:

  • Watch the Burning: Don’t intervene. Watch the hanging man be burned to death. Afterwards reload the area and kill the pig eating the hanged man’s body to receive the Singed Ring (Ring) which increases all damage dealt to Burning enemies by 10%.
  • Stop the Burning: Shoot the man with the torch before he can light the pyre. Kill the rest of the spectators and the ones that spawn in before they can light the pyre. Speak to the hanged man after. He will give you the Dran Memento (Ring) which increases Max Stamina by 20 and reduces Encumbrance by 5.

Doing either of the choices listed above unlocks the Shadeskin Trait. This Trait increases the player’s Elemental Damage Resistance when levelled up.

Given the dual choice nature of this event, you will need to complete this location twice in different playthrough if you wish to get all available rewards from it. Completing this event as host at least once unlocks The Burning square on the Oracle of the Dran’s quilt.

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