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Pokemon Legends Arceus Even More New Wares is Request 61. This Request comes from Choy and it is made by him to expand the General Store’s items. To complete this Request you need to gather 3x Crunchy Salt to give as a gift to Tao Hua. To learn more about this Request see HTR’s Pokemon Legends Arceus Even More New Wares guide below.

Request 61 Notes

  • Requested By: Choy (General Store).
  • Description: “Choy from the general store wants you to convince Tao Hua, captain of the Supply Corps, to sell him some new wares for his shop.”
  • Target: Crunchy Salt x3.
  • Rewards: New items added to the general store’s offerings.

Where to Start Even More New Wares

Even More New Wares is part of Choy’s Request chain. If you have completed his other two Requests you will unlock this Request when you gain access to the Coronet Highlands. Speak to him to start Request 61 to get Crunchy Salt.

Where to Get Crunchy Salt

Image showing where to get Crunchy Salt easily in Pokemon Legends Arceus.
Easy Crunchy Salt method.

You have a two options to get Crunchy Salt. The first option is to forage it from the Coronet Highlands. Like other foragable materials you will find Crunchy Salt all throughout the level. Simply harvest it to add it to your Satchel. The second method is much easier and simpler. Beat the Lord Electrode then visit the craftworks. Here you will find Crunchy Salt for sale for 200 Pokedollars.

Regardless of how you acquire your Crunchy Salt, be sure to get at least three pieces of it. Once you have three pieces visit Tao Hua in the basement of the Team Galaxy Hall. Give the Crunchy Salt to him then visit Choy. Tell Choy the good news to complete the Request.

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