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Pokemon Legends Arceus The Lordless Island is the 10th mission players can complete in the game. This mission begins after you complete the A New Mission story quest. Once that quest is completed you will head off to Cobalt Coastlands to investigate the region. Use HTR’s Pokemon Legends Arceus The Lordless Island guide below to complete its.

Head to the Cobalt Coastlands and Meet Irida

Once you’ve spoken to Cyllene in the HQ you are free to make your way to the Cobalt Coastlands. Before you go you may want to snag all of the Requests in the village. Once you’ve grabbed them all head to the Front Gate.

At the Front Gate you will encounter Lian. Lian gives you Grit Pebbles x2 and Sacks of Grit Gravel x3. After this interaction is complete head out of the gate and go to the Cobalt Coastlands. You will trigger a cutscene when you arrive. Walk forward after and speak to Irida. Irida fights you using:

  • Eevee.
  • Glaceon.

Defeat both of the Pokemon to complete the battle. Irida will heal your Pokemon then tell you what your next objective is.

Head to Veilstone Cape to speak with Palina of the Pearl Clan

Image showing Palina.

Mount up and ride along the Veilstone Cape until you reach Palina. Approach her to trigger a custscene. When she asks you what your purpose is for being there tell her it’s to survey Firespit Island. To reach the island you need the aid of a Pokemon named Basculegion. To gain access to that Pokemon you need to speak to Iscan.

Find the home of Iscan on Aipom Hill

Fast travel back to the Beachside Camp and make your way to the southeast. At the quest marker you will encounter Volo. Approach him to trigger an interaction. After the interaction walk over to Iscan’s home. Interact with the door to get Iscan to come outside. Iscan speaks to you. Answer Yes when asked if he’s done something to warrant a visit then tell him you want to visit Firespit Island.

Catch Dusclop and Return to Iscan

Image showing Dusclops in Pokemon Legends Arceus.
Dusclops Pokedex.

Iscan says that in order to get Basculgeion’s favorite food he requires you to catch a Dusclop. Dusclop can be found wandering around Deadwood Hunt during the night. Head east from Iscan’s and go to Deadwood Haunt (grab Request 46 along the way).

In Deadwood Haunt you want to catch either a Duskull or a Dusclops. Duskulls appear more frequently, and are easier to catch. They do require evolution to reach Dusclops. Dusclops are more rare, but don’t require evolution. Regardless get a Dusclop some way then go back to Iscan.

Back at Iscan give him the Dusclops. A cutscene will play where you make the food needed to feed Basculegion. You receive a Ball of Basculegion Food for you efforts. Take the ball and go to Ginkgo Landing which is north of where you are.

Tame Basculegion to Unlock Surf

At Ginkgo Landing you summon Basculegion. After it is summoned you feed it the Basculegion Food. This allows you to summon Basculegion to traverse water (aka Surf). You also receive the Splash Plate. Having access to this Pokemon allows you to visit area you couldn’t normally up to this point in the story.

Once the interaction is complete you are attacked by the Miss Fortune Sisters. The trio tries to take the Growlithe away from Palina. They successfully get one by using Gengar to steal it. You then need to rescue it by going to the Firespit Island by riding on Basculegion.

Rescue Growlithe from Firespit Island

Image showing the Misfortune Sisters.
Misfortune Sisters.

Use Basculegion to surf your way to Firepit Island. Make your way to the island path to trigger a cutscene where Iscan appears. Head up the path until you reach the very top. Here you will find the sisters and the Growlithe. When you approach them a cutsecne plays then you fight each sister:

  1. Clover – Abomasnow.
  2. Coin – Toxicroak.
  3. Charm – Rhydon and Gengar.

Complete the three fights in a row to defeat the Misfortune Sisters. After the fights the little Growlithe will appear and will evolve into Arcanine. He then gets struck by lightning and becomes frenzied. Everyone runs away and Irida appears. The group then makes balms to deal with Arcanine.

Quell the Frenzy of Arcanine, the Lord of the Isle

When you are ready to do the boss fight, approach Iscan and speak to him. Iscan asks if you are ready, say you are to start the boss fight with Arcanine.

This boss fight is a bit of a pain, because the arena is weirdly shaped. The biggest issue during the fight is that Arcanine charges fairly often so you need to be on your toes for the dodges. Besides that, the fight follows the same pattern as previous boss fights up to this point. Dodge and throw balms until you can send in your Pokemon to fight. Repeat until Arcanine’s frenzy dissipates.

Once Arcanine is defeated you will receive the Flame Plate. There is a long story cutscene and you can return to Jubilife Village. Go to Commander Kamado and report on what happened to end this main story mission. The next main story mission begins the next day in Kamado’s office, it’s called Scaling Perilous Heights.

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