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Pokemon Legends Arceus Scaling Perilous Heights is the mains story mission 11 in the game. This mission begins immediately after you complete The Lordless Island. You wake up and are summoned to Commander Kamado’s office where the quest begins. To complete this story mission use Hold To Reset’s Pokemon Legends Arceus Scaling Perilous Heights guide below.

Battle Adaman and Level Up

After you watch the custcene head outside the HQ. Waiting outside you will encounter Adaman. Speak to Adaman to fight him. Adaman uses Lefeon and Eevee. Defeat both Pokemon to defeat Adaman. Upon the conclusion of the battle another cutscene will trigger.

To advance any further from this point you must ensure you are Four Star or above. To reach this level complete Request, go on expeditions, catch, fight, and observe Pokemon you encounter. When you reach Four Star then you can advance further.

Once you level up you have to complete a step before you can leave the village. This step is to visit with Ingo of the Pearl Clan.

Go to Training Grounds and Meet Ingo of the Pearl Clan

Before you can head off to the Coronet Heights map you need to meet Ingo. Go to the training grounds in the village and speak to Irida there. Irida introduces you to Ingo. After you’ve been introduced go to the Front Gate and head to the Coronet Heights map.

Meet Ingo and Go through Wayward Cave

When you get to the new map you are greeted by Professor Laventon. After the cutscene head to the northwest until you reach the cave entrance. At the cave entrance speak to Ingo. Tell him you want to Press On when asked. Enter Wayward Cave.

Inside Wayward Cave follow Ingo through the darkness. He will guide you through much of the cave until you reach a large room with torches inside it. After this room you are free to leave the cave on your own. Do so to trigger a cutscene on the outside.

Make Your Way up the Mountain with Ingo

Image showing Melli using Skunktank in Pokemon Legends Arceus.
Mellis Skunktank.

Outside, mount up and head to the southwest. Go to the marker on your map to reach a cutscene with Ingo. During this cutscene you must decide if you want to fight. Choose to fight to trigger a battle against Melli. Melli sends out a Skuntank to battle you. Defeat Skunktank to win the battle.

After Melli loses you gain access to the Ancient Quarry. You must pass through the quarry to get to the mountain. Move forward to Ingo. After the cutscene continue heading up the mountain until you reach Ingo again. Speak to him and he will challenge you to a fight. Ingo use a team featuring Machoke, Gliscor, and Tangela.

Defeat Ingo in battle and he will call Sneasler using his flute. This unlocks the ability to climb. You also receive the Toxic Plate from it as well. Use Sneasler to reach the Moonview Arena at the top of the Coronet Highlands.

Defeat Melli… Again

Outside of the arena you will encounter Melli again. Melli wants you to fight him again. In this battle Melli has more Pokemon than in the previous battle. Melli uses Skuntank, Zubat, and Skorupi. All three Pokemon fight you at the same time. Defeat the trio to gain access to the Lord Electrode fight.

Calm Lord Electrode

After the fight with Melli, Adaman arrives and gets him to help you make the balm need to tame the frenzied lord. When you are ready to begin the fight speak to Melli. Tell him you are ready to battle.

You need to move a ton during this boss fight. Lord Electrode will send out homing balls that will track you around the arena. These balls are colored yellow if they are slow and green if they are fast. While dodging the tracking balls throw balm at the Electrode until you trigger a chance to attack then throw in your Pokemon. Rinse and repeat until it is defeated.

When you beat Lord Electrode you receive the Zap Plate. A cutscene plays and then you are told to go back to the village to report on what happened. Return to Commander Komado to end the mission.

After the mission ends you go to The Wallflower for the evening. The next day you will meet Adaman and Irida outside your quarters. Following that interaction you will begin the main story mission called The Slumbering Lord of the Tundra.

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